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  1. How many PC's do you play with? Six unless the scenario is meant for a smaller party How many scenarios have you played? A ton. Basically all the ones on the Solid table except maybe five, plus others Absolute favorite BoE scenario? I have lots: Farmhands, Tatterdamalion, AC2, Spheres trilogy, Redemption.. Some are sentimental favorites. When did you get the registered version of BoE for the first time? Pretty much right after it came out What is the first third-party scenario you played? Again, hard to remember- I played quite a few that were way buggy before the first playable ones came out. Castle Perilous was the first that didn't actually suck. Favorite all-around scenario designer? Brett Bixler: plot is very important to him plus he's very innovative with nodes If you could make one BoE scenario into a movie, which scenario would it be? Redemption What is your favorite spell? Disease: the gift that keeps on giving! What is your favorite item of all time? (It doesn't matter how many scenarios have the item in it. Can be one, can be all.) Energy potions! What do you think is the absolute most overrated BoE scenario of all time? Erika's Legacy: shouldn't be on the solid table What do you think is the absolute most underrated BoE scenario of all time? Wreck of the Slug If you could fix one bug in BoE or the scenario editor, what would it be? limits on custom terrain If you could add one new feature to BoE or the scenario editor, what would it be? The ability to take away items from a PCs inventory (not just special items- all ordinary items) What is your least favorite scenario out of those rated 7.0 or higher on CSR? I never liked Doom Moon Which scenario do you think is the worst ever? There's lots of horribles, but only one can be the absolute worst. On the solid table? Erika's Legacy (there are lots of drecky ones that I've forgotten) What is your favorite TM scenario? To be honest, I just don't care for his scenarios- can't get past the awful, bloated writing style What is your favorite Creator scenario? Only played Revenge but it was good What is your favorite scenario in the Spheres trilogy? Riddle: it was the first truly good 3rd party scenario I played What is your favorite scenario in the Adventurer's Club trilogy? AC2: I love puzzles and the eery atmosphere What do you think is the absolute coolest innovation in a BoE scenario yet? That thing Brett did in Destiny of the Spheres where one charactor is separated from the party with no items for part of the scenario What is your favorite BoE fansite? TrueSite What do you think would happen if Alcritas returned to the Lyceum as an active member once more? The forums there would become a lot more lively What scenario do you think should have won the first design contest? Tatter deserved to win but Nephil's Gambit was awfully good Name one random scenario that has not been mentioned by anyone in this thread (first that comes in your head.) Rubacus If TM returned, and he and Kel continued to argue, do you think that should continue, or do you think they just have to duke it out? Honestly, how did that even start?
  2. Ooh! I just thought of two more questions! 1) I got the quest from the hobbling to get the red orb from his cottage in the Valkala forest. However, when I visited the forest, I found a cottage with a locked door and couldn't get in. 2) Also, where is the fourth Little Girl? I've found the one in the used book bin, in the Press Your Luck show and the garbage dump outside Majestica. Thanks!
  3. How the heck do I deal with the trolls in Hanod? I remember from the Odashai lecture that they have a weakness for fire but when I cast identify on them, it said they are immune to fire (as well as everything else plus invulnerable). I tried a flame spell anyway and no damage. I'm assuming there is some clever solution that I'm just not seeing (quickfire, perhaps?). Help! Also, I saw on another thread something about orb stealing. Where do you get this quest? I spoke with the necromancers but there was no hint about this.
  4. Erik- that's fantastic! Thanks for doing this! Magpie
  5. Okay- This is really basic but here is a question that arose when I first began fiddling with the editor and trying to create landscapes: height is not really explained very well in the docs. They say in more than one place how to change heights but nowhere is there a simple explanation for what the numbers mean. i.e.: is each digit up or down equal to man height? Also, it took some experimenting to realize that the best way to paint a hill is to leave the "hill" terrain at level (9) and then increase the upper part of the hill by one increment at a time. And, apparently 9 is level. And outdoor stairs leading down to a dungeon have to be set at a decreased height- this isn't automatic. I've since figured this stuff out by experimenting but there is no reason for this not to be explained somewhere. I know there is an auto feature for hills but it would be best to simply explain to people how to do this themselves first. Sorry if this is too basic.
  6. Drakefyre- thanks for the tip. I took that list and made a simpler list of just the items and their numbers. Erik- would you like a copy of this list? It's in Word.
  7. I've looked through the documentation, appendices, cookbook, etc. I can't find a simple list of all the items and monsters in the games. You know-- just a list with the associated numbers so when you are, for instance, putting items in your shops, you don't have to keep looking in the game pull down menus to figure out what the numbers are. Does this list exist anywhere? It seems like it really should have been in the appendices.
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