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Does anyone know how to get an Item to do only work for one turn then go away.


I'm trying to make a wand which, once you use it, it turns on the set_total_visibility call. But I only want to do this once a turn so when you use it turns on the toatl visibility and then once you move it turns itself back off.

It's not seeming to work for me am I doing anything wrong.

Heres the code

beginstate 15;	play_sound(10);	set_total_visibility(1);	print_str_color("You can now see Everywhere",2);	pause();	play_sound(10);	set_total_visibility(0);break;
it looks wrong but I'm not sure what to change. Please Help! Anyone?
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Put something in START_STATE of your scenarioscript?


(Start_state runs every turn. So you can have the wand set SDF, which start_state checks for the next turn and deactivates full visibility. I haven't tried, but should work. Though I think you need to be very careful of a wand of this type: in some cases, it could be ugly, indeed.)

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Originally written by Drakefyre:
Alternatively, you can make a special node area the size of the town, and if stepped on, it turns visibility off.
Don't think that would work... you have to exit the special rectangle and re-enter it before it would be activated again, since you'd almost certainly already be IN the special rect when you use the item. Very creative idea, though. smile

If you can't get it to work the way you want with the pause() and by adding a coupla force_instant_terrain_redraw()s, you're pretty well going to have to go the route of turning it off at the start of a turn if a particular SDF is set, I think.
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