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Exile 3 Reinstallation


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This isn't truly technical, but this seems to be the best board to post this. I registered my Shareware Exile 3 a while back, but our computer got fried some time later. It was repaired, but we lost the game. I don't recall if it came as a disk, but if so, it's been lost. We still have the Hint Booklet. Is there any way we could get a new copy of the game without having to pay a second time?

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Originally written by Gorank:
How long does it usually take? I know that they're extremely busy, so I don't blame them, but I want to know how long it will take.
I email them all the time (my computer generally crashes for some wierd reason). THey normally reply within a few hours as long as I remember to give them the right details.

Else they'll email you back in a few hours saying "Sorry, these details are wrong..."

And then you just send in the Details again, making sure they're the right ones.

- Archmagi Micael

Anyway, good luck with defeating those traitors and their plagues!
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