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  1. Ok, im stuck. I have killed the slimes, also I have a reputation of 31 but I still can't get in. Am I missing somthing, or did I need to kill the roaches also? EDIT: Small typo
  2. Name says it all, ftp://ftp.spidweb.com/win/ [Edit: I can't take Avernmu anymore!]
  3. I hope you get to play somthing interesting and not just a servile or a human. A fyora sounds interesting, Or mabye a dakon.
  4. Ok, So im makeing a scenario and i have some questions. 1. Is there any code that lets me take the items of a party and returning them sometime in the scenario? 2. Is there a code that takes an item from the party? Thanks for any help -Archmage Mycroft
  5. Are there any Mac emulators that Avernum 4 would run on?
  6. Quote: 11-16-05: We've added two more screenshots of Avernum 4, which should be out for Mac in December. Wow ... And will it be out for Windows short after? Who knows
  7. Quote: Originally written by Kelandon: Quote: Originally written by Slith Lord: I got a Exile I v1.1 for Mac. Tell me if you want it (with the old graphics and the one-move/action turn )!!! I'm intrigued. Send it my way. tomwatts (at) berkeley (dot) edu I also have the old E1 and E2. I will be glad to send them to you EDIT : do you have a mac or a PC?
  8. Quote: Originally written by *i: Plans for moderation are already being discussed. It is? Well then i hope TM and Kel make it
  9. I nominate Alorael, TM, Kel and Drakey Hmm... Mabye Thralni might not make a bad mod EDIT : Spelled Drakey wrong
  10. i use Nephill Worrior Slith Preist Nephill Archer Human Rouge (or mage) thats all my partys from A2 to BoA
  11. Quote: And why the new name, Grape Slime? Don't we have enough Archmages floating around? its my name on AIM Quote: Read the thread next time oh and to the missing that part is cus i had my eyes dialated i couldn't see O_O EDIT: cant get qoutes to work right >_>
  12. true... i dident think about that... oh and one question will there be towns? formello,Gandrik ect. like that? or just outdoors?
  13. Quote: Originally written by Kalnnas: Quote: Originally written by Captain Uglyhead: Toastmaster Housemaster "Wait a minute! This isn't a base at all! You just built a bunch of corporate logos!" heh toastmaster. i remember that logo
  14. i love it! avernum 2 allover again! this time in BoA! its a great idea and i think it would be a great idea (with premission with JV) remake avernum 2 for BoA just an idea...
  15. My nephill's names : Furmur, Edrick human names : Mycroft or whatever comes to mind Slith : Ssschah
  16. thanks alo but i still need mixed anim and PCS anybody know were to find them? EDIT: nevermind i found them on my old computer
  17. does anybody know were to get the old exile graphics from E2 v2.0? i would relly prefer to play with the old E2 graphics
  18. i cant seem to download it, i get a page cannot be displayed message or a blank page
  19. Quote: Originally written by Chief Spider watching The Simpsons: Speaking of which... I know it would probably be very similar to human practice, but, how do they... um... like... you know... on those flimsy little hammocks? Is it... like... easy?[/QB] umm.. thay... ummm... its?....
  20. nice i like em, post them on the lorve
  21. ice drake is going to kill me if i use his e-mail but.. dragonsca838(AT)yahoo.com replace the (AT) with a @
  22. hi, i was wondering if there's any script that lets you place items on tables in crates drawers (like in nethergate) if you can tell me the code for it or the script it would help me, thanks for any help
  23. Quote: Does it have anything to do with my topic? Or is it just a joke I didn't get? its one of those jokes that pople say that thay are going to help but its jus te link to the page or the fourm home get it?
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