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Exile running slowly


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I haven't experienced this myself. Exile isn't officially supported under Vista, but I have had no problems with it. You could try running the games in WinXP compatability mode, that may help.


Otherwise try turning off windows indexing service and adding the games to your anti-virus software's safelist (so the game files aren't scanned in realtime) as those are both likely causes of delay.


Personally I don't think the looks of Vista are its biggest selling point. I find it claustrophobic and while I'm switching back and forth between XP and Vista, I much prefer XP. However Vista does have a lot of time-saving interface improvements and tighter security, so I guess in the end it will succeed.

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I tried temporarily disabling real-time scanning, which didn't speed up the game and running it in compatibility mode didn't do much either. How do you turn off the indexing service?


Also, you're right: the new look is just a small part of the hype about Vista. I think people use it just because it's seen as the "new generation of Windows", though it really not all that different from XP.

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Indexing service can be disabled on a folder-by-folder basis from Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Indexing Options (make sure you only include folders you are really want to search, and not folders that change frequently like temporary internet files or your download space).


As I said Exile seems to run fine on my Vista machine. Not sure what else to suggest; switching off sounds generally speeds things up. In E3/BOE you can additionally switch off the animated terrain, which makes a difference if movement seems sluggish.

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Now that I've played a little bit, having no sounds can be a little annoying. Having no sounds also translates into having no pauses in the gameplay when a sound would have normally been played (e.g. if a monster dies it just suddenly disappears).


So I'd like to know how to fix this, but if not, that's fine; at least it's playable now.


EDIT: Oh n/m, it turned out, after a little online searching, was I had a sound card driver problem. Thanks anyway.

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