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Mac: A2: CS cannot access bottom of game area in fullscreen


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Hello all, 


I just redownloaded this game from Humble, it is version 1.1. I have a Mac Mini running Big Sur, version 11.7.3 (20G1116). My monitor is a Viewsonic VG2228. I have played this game on this computer and monitor before, but that was who knows how many OS updates ago. I have an Intel Iris GPU. The problem is that the game area extends below the bottom of the screen, so that I cannot move the map in that direction. Even in combat, the area near the bottom of the screen is hidden and I cannot target enemies there. I would rather not play in a window because it's harder for me to see that way. I Googled around and have not been able to find this exact problem solved. As I said I've played this game on this hardware before, but I do try to run software updates regularly so perhaps I have introduced an incompatibility. Thanks.

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Thank you, I figured that is what you meant. The window in Windowed Mode is too small for me in A2, but A1:EFTP has a bigger window for who knows what reason so I have decided to be satisfied with that. I actually set out to replay A4 for the sixth or eighth time, not realizing it would not run on this Mac. Now I am really anticipating a newer version of A4, which was my first Spiderweb game. 

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