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Lost Banner


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I am trying to finish this quest on version 1.0.2 and I strongly suspect it must be bugged. Going to Azam, talking to the Raasa and his assistant does not guide me to anyone else. The Master of the second northernmost Dhanga city has no dialogue.


Is it possible that the quest glitched because I skipped all steps and went straight to the Prova Krug before doing any quest steps? And sinse I won in the Prova Krug and supposedly found the banner there, why can't I give it to Chief Cestus?

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The Prova Krug banner was the one recently stolen from Fort Meadow 4.


The quest. Lost Banner is from the older war and is found in a different location. Even without talking to people you get clues about it when you reach the right place and can revere it.

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