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The Harvester


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17 minutes ago, krock said:

Found him.  Now I'm looking for Erud Ardont who may be in Wyrm's Teeth.  I've cleared it out except the stupid gem puzzle - a silly blank board.


A little help please...

Click on only the following 4 tiles: 


bottom right; up up left left; all the way up; down down left left left


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On 9/10/2022 at 6:17 PM, krock said:

Having trouble finishing the harvester.  I believe I need to find Adhuil.  Where was her home again?

My own question is how to resolve the Harvester quest. I get to the Upper Icegate and am repeatedly assured that attacking would be suicide, yet I see no one there with whom I could parley. I just gave up and went to Prova Krug to finish the game. There was never another mention of the Harvester.

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1 hour ago, Randomizer said:

Did you go downstairs in the southeast corner?


You can't fight your way through the main gates which stay locked so that might be the cause of the statement you got.

Right after I posted that, I figured it out. It hadn't occurred to me to try to get to Upper Icegate through the Eastern Icegate. The Harvester was quite a disappointment. LOL I was expecting nuclear-bomb -level.😆

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