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Larokon Ruins


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You have to make your way to the south until you can fight and kill a boss shade. This is a pretty tough quest to fulfill because of the infinite illusions and the boss's massive physical evasion. Some ways to make it easier is having a character with teleport or being able to distract the illusionary shades with skeletons and other summons. All of the illusions disappear a bit after killing the boss.

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Just have three characters head south immediately after the first time they reappear. The last one slowly moves south to join them while picking off groups with an area attack like fireball or mad flurry.


It helps if your damage level kills them in one hit so you don't have them pile up.

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Well, I've done this without trouble four times, but this time I can't get the ghosts to appear, and the gate to the south doesn't open. I'm just wandering up and down this hall waiting for the enemy to appear, but nothing happens. I have the quest from Captain Azucena as well as the one from Erud Dastan in Etzalam. Is there some step that I'm missing? 

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