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Runesoled shoes [Avadon 1]


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In the Beasts Woods some raiders with a Shaman attacked me without any provokation and so I got some runesoled shoes that give a +10 to curses/blessings.


What does that mean and who would best wear them?


In my current game the character who does the most cursing using war cries and such is the blade master - or are his screams no curses and curses are what Shamans do?

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It extends the duration of blessings and curses. Not as useful for curses as hopefully you kill them before a curse like fear , bleeding , or poison wears off. Blessings are more useful since you don't need to reapply them as often in combat.


In general there are better items.

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It's been a while since I've gone through the Avadons, but those shoes would probably be best with a Shaman or the Sorceress.  Shaman for the curses & Sorceress for the blessings (haste, etc).  But at best I'd think that they'd only give you an extra round of curse/blessing and/or a slight percentage increase in whatever it was that that particular curse or blessing was supposed to do (make your to hit chance increase from say 35% to 40% for example).  Certainly better than a 'normal' pair of footwear that does nothing (well, I suppose they keep your feet from getting poked by sharp objects...), but like Randomizer said, there are/will be better items out there.

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They do not increase the effect of curses or blessings, or the chance of success, only the duration.


From testing, it seems that there is a random factor, so the game may give you more or less than +10%.  Of course, the end result is also going to get converted into an integer number of rounds... so the larger the base duration, the greater the chance you actually see an impact from the +10%.

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