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Which game engine does Spiderweb uses?


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So, I am considerading create some good old isometric RPG games (set in a fantasy bronze age world, because we have already to much medieval fantasy games), does someone know which game engine or program are used to create the more recent Spiderweb games? I have noticed some RPG maker assets on Queen's wish, but I cannot belive that this game was made on RPG Maker.

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I think the game engine is entirely made by Jeff Vogel written in C++ programing language since he reuses most of the code from previous games. This explained why the algorithm to move a character or monster  to a distant location does weird things.


Now he hires out for some graphics and licenses some other things, but the basic game engine is his.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. Understanding why things work certain ways will drive you insane :):_

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On 7/20/2022 at 8:59 PM, Ivanaikos_Magno said:

I have noticed some RPG maker assets on Queen's wish, but I cannot belive that this game was made on RPG Maker.

  1. I doubt there are any RPG Maker assets in Queen's Wish. RPG Maker assets are not free to use. Queen's Wish does use a similar style and perspective to RPG Maker, so I could understand why you might think there are similarities, but I don't think Jeff would use something that's obviously not allowed.
  2. I could totally believe the game was made in RPG Maker. It's not, but I believe it could have been without much (if any) noticeable difference in mechanics. Admittedly, that would require some fairly heavy customization of the RPG Maker engine (the battle system in particular is completely different from vanilla RPG Maker), but it's certainly doable. (I have dabbled in RPG Maker myself, for the record, so I at least somewhat know what I'm talking about on this point.)


People dunk on RPG Maker because it's so easy to use that people can slap together a poorly made game in a few days and put it out there, but it's actually pretty decent as a game engine. If you treat it like any other game engine and spend the time customizing it to your liking and really put time and effort into the maps, dialogue, etc, you can still make a good game with it. There are quite a few good games made with RPG Maker, or so I hear at least.


I'm not sure whether the Queen's Wish game engine is entirely custom-made by Jeff, but it hasn't changed that much from his older games, so it wouldn't surprise me. (For example, the pop-up dialogs such as the saved game list or conversation dialog, and the UI around the edge, are almost identical in form and function to Avadon or Geneforge.) I did hear something about him maybe licensing an engine, but that might have been just for mobile.

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I think he toyed with the idea at one point, but it didn't end up being suitable.


RPG Maker actually provides extremely permissive use of its assets if you purchase it, but I don't think that use extends to games not made with RPG Maker.  There are however lots of people who license third-party graphics for use with RPG Maker, and in some cases those get used enough that they feel like "RPG Maker graphics" even though they aren't.  It's definitely possible that some of the graphics Spiderweb licenses for QW are also used in some RPG Maker games, since they likely have similar graphics needs.

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Ah, yes, it's quite possible that he licensed terrain graphics designed for RPG Maker.


15 hours ago, handle with air said:

I don't think that use extends to games not made with RPG Maker.

Correct. RPG Maker's terms can be summarized as "if you buy version X of RPG Maker, you can use the assets bundled with it in games made with any version of RPG Maker".

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