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I'm kind of appalled to realize how just long it's been since I reguarly checked these forums. Hi, I'm actually supposed to be a mod, and I'll try to do better.

I'm doing relatively well. Being history professor didn't work out, due to both the trash job market and my own emotional issues. However, for the past couple years I've been freelancing as a proofreader and editor of novels. Meaning I get paid to read books! It's pretty cool. I still need to ramp things up and take on more work (so I'll get paid more and mooch off my parents less), but I've definitely made progress in the last couple years.

I hope you're all still alive, and if you're not, why are you wasting your afterlife haunting this forum?

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{Obi-Wan}Now there's a name I haven't heard in a very long time... {/Obi-Wan}


Sorry to hear that the history didn't work out.  I can remember a few conversations years ago around the time that you were wrapping up your degree (at least I think it was you ... still waiting on the coffee to finish brewing so my mind isn't fully functional yet).  Maybe for the best as if you did get on somewhere then you would probably have been one of the first to go when the economy went south.  Then you would have been both unemployed 'and' (maybe) far from home/your support system.


And being an editor is something that should be in high demand if you go by some of the recent books my book club has read.  My god, the plot holes and magical hand waving...incredible - protagonist is an absolute expert in roughly 20 different fields (including wilderness survival) & yet goes off into the snowy mountains (to rescue an autistic child of course) without a coat, boots, or even a flashlight .... uh huh.  The ladies in the book are all gushing over it & saying how it makes you feeeeellll gooood ... well not if you're tearing your hair out because it's so absurd.


Sorry, point being, an editor is a very useful thing even if the author throws a snit fit because you just demolished their entire story.


Welcome back, don't be a stranger, etc.  Hopefully life keeps moving more or less forward for you.

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