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Speedrunning Geneforge 1 - Mutagen


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I routed out a speedrun some time last year and today I optimized it a tiny bit. I'm wondering if there might be a better route or not. I've tried approaching Pentil from the south but that's a nightmare and would also require me to reroute where to gain enough XP for the Leadership and Mechanics I need. I plan on routing a speedrun for a good ending at some point in the future. Maybe later on, I'll do the old Geneforge 1 and 2 as well. I'm open to any feedback or suggestions.

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6 minutes ago, alhoon said:

Whomever playtested Pentil's South, (I am looking at you @Randomizer )really screwed us all. <==Joking I have no real issues with Randomizer. 

That zone was nasty in the original version which was before my time. If only you could get that quest without having to go into Pentil first. :)

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