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Avernum 2 - maximum priest and mage levels

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Hello 😃
My characters are level 24
right now, my priest has a 17 priest level, and it's pretty the same for the mage
Do you know what is maximum level for learning every priest and mage spells ? I don't whant to upgrade my characters after max level needed for every spell ?
(pretty difficult leveling your characters after level 30)


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Most Avernum games have a maximum need of 17 or 18. The easiest way to check is seeing if you cn cast the highest level spell.


from Strategy Central advice on party building:


"1) Not only is the max to cast all MS/PS 16 in this game, you don't even need everyone to get there. Mages probably do want 16, but priests can easily stop at 14 or 15. 16 gets you the utterly useless Divine Host, and 15 only gets you Divine Restoration, which I haven't actually found necessary."


Higher levels mean casting them slightly more powerfully with damage or duration.


Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Please leave your sanity at the door. It's totally useless and detracts from enjoying the games. :)

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