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  1. Actually, I've already the orb that enables you to fly so didn't think about how to reach the other side 😅😅 Thank you two!!
  2. Hello everybody! There is a tower with chains at chasm crossing. We can either break the chains, either release the chains. Is this a difference in the two actions ? Game tells me that something has moved to south east, but I don't find anything on the map 🤔🤔 Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi Than you for your response and your kind message !! Game's crazy, burst out laughing when fighting null bugs. Devs gone mad probably xDD
  4. Hello 😃 My characters are level 24 right now, my priest has a 17 priest level, and it's pretty the same for the mage Do you know what is maximum level for learning every priest and mage spells ? I don't whant to upgrade my characters after max level needed for every spell ? (pretty difficult leveling your characters after level 30)
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