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I seem to be stuck

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It's time to meet the Takers, but I can't get through either of the routes into Kasgz.  The southern route is too tough for my characters and apparently I don't have enough leadership to persuade the person at the northern gate to let me in to see the leader.  I've cleared every area that is manageable, trying to get to a point to train my shaper.  Any ideas other than straight up cheating?

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It will take some reloads to figure out  the timing, but you can get through the Kazg Ruins by going along the bottom and right side and then the top to reach Rosen who will let you into Kazg. You just need to wait until the patrol moves away and around the corner.


Otherwise you would need to get some more experience by going up through the zones north of Pentil and the Junkyard.

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