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Updated Forum Ranks

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The forum ranks have been updated to feature Mutagen's creations.  Enjoy!  Or, cower in terror as appropriate.  No Living Tools were harmed in the production of these new names.


Thanks to Edgwyn for pointing out that the postcount requirements were a bit outdated -- these have been updated as well.  This should be a particular treat for newer users.

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Thank you! So far I see:

  • Fledgling Fyora
  • Tenderfoot Thahd
  • Curious Artila
  • Articulate Vlish
  • Seasoned Roamer

  • Chittering Clawbug

  • Burgeoning Battle Gamma
  • Garrulous Glaahk
  • Kyshakk Koan
  • Rotghroth Rhapsody
  • Ineffable Wingbolt
  • Unflappable Drayk
  • Well-Actually War Trall
  • Easygoing Eyebeast
  • Understated Ur-Drakon
  • Magnificent Ornk
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