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Wall Bug


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I haven't seen this bug reported anywhere (is there a bug thread?) But I found a bug with auras ignoring walls.  On the second floor of the building in the Thorny Fens, I had a Cryora with the frost aura, and it was hitting monsters on the other side of the wall.  It didn't aggro them either, they would just slowly die as you passed rounds.

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Hello Korgrath,


No, there’s no bug thread!


What we encourage people to do with bugs is to report them directly to the game designer, rather than posting them on here. Posting bugs on here isn’t a problem – and it can be helpful if you’re not sure if what you’ve found is a bug or not! – but there’s no guarantee that it will picked up if that's all you do. The only person who can fix these bugs is the game designer, and he doesn’t always visit these forums regularly.


So, can I encourage you to send a little bug report to this address, please?




Don’t feel you need to write anything fancy. What you’ve written here is probably clear enough! However, if you have a moment, including a screenshot showing the precise location where you first noticed this happening would probably help.


When trying to fix bugs, it’s good to know situations where you can trigger them. That way, the designer can check to make sure that the issue is properly fixed!

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