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Making Custom Graphics


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Assuming you mean for a custom scenario, that's documented. Note that that's the documentation for the experimental version of the game; there are a few differences if you're using the original BoE. Most notably, the ID of an item graphic is different, instead of adding 1000 you add something else (I don't remember what, though). Also, the original BoE doesn't support custom missiles or explosions.


Swapping out existing graphics totally works, but I wouldn't recommend doing it for any of the types of graphics documented on that page. It's fine to swap out user interface graphics though.


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We have quite an extensive collection of custom graphics made by other designers, and if you like those, you're free to use them in BoE scenarios. I was working on reorganizing the graphics archive a while back but I got frustrated and stopped. I think I'll pick it up again. For now, we have a big heap of graphics you can look through at http://www.OpenBoE.com I believe. Right now the site isn't loading, probably a webhost problem, but I think there's a link to the graphics on the main page once it's working again.

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Yeah, the link from the main page is outdated, I'll fix it.


As for ADoS's issue, it looks like you need to omit the www. I'll look into fixing that too.


EDIT: I was wrong about the www, looks like the webserver had crashed and my browser was just showing the cached page. Fixed now.

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