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Hello, How do I escape combat in Queens Wish? I seem to recall in all the previous games one simply ran off the tactical map and then you appeared on the strategic map but this doesn’t happen in Queens Wish. instead it says space is blocked. Or is it not possible to flee combat in this game?



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Hello Sunking,


You can escape from outdoor combat in Queen's Wish! It just sounds like you're not interacting with the right map border.


To escape from combat, you generally need to run around the battle. If you look at the map of the combat area, you should see that one border has an edge that is tinted a darker colour than its surroundings. It should look the same as the tinting around a town exit. In order to flee combat, you need to move your entire party into this region. Once you've done that, you'll be able to escape!


Unfortunately, that can sometimes be a little tricky. If necessary, you can distract your opponents with summons while you try to make your way around them.


I say this with the caveat that there are a few special battles that can't be fled in this way. If you don't see a border, unfortunately the battle you're in is a mandatory one!


Otherwise, welcome to Spiderweb Software's forums! If you come across any more things you'd like to ask about, by all means do so – we're happy to help!

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What E-E said is mainly for outdoor encounters.  If you're in a dungeon somewhere then you pretty much have to finish the fight (iirc).  If you're in a dungeon & near some stairs you might be able to gather everyone around the bottom/top, end combat (if the 'monsters' aren't too close), & change levels allowing a breather, but (again iirc) that also lets the assorted monsters heal as well.


And let me, for whatever it's worth, toss my 'welcome' out there as well.

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