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Selling Buildings


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I've found a few references to selling buildings removing the upkeep, but they don't appear to do so, they just goes back in the list wasting resources and not even contributing minimally, which is pretty frustrating when trying to get more resources for things that might actually be useful.

Any ideas about this?

Edit: never mind, it just seems to update slowly rather than not work.

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Hello ThomasCats,

I appreciate the confusion! There is a very definite way that buildings are dealt with in Queen's Wish but, in situations like this, it's not always immediately obvious. The update isn't so much slow, it just takes place at a specific time!


Just for future reference, alterations to buildings only kick in at the next Resource Report. In other words, you'll need to wait up to two days in order for the changes to take effect, but no longer.


If you think about it, this does make some sense. After all, you've removed a building at some point during a payment cycle, so you'll need to pay your employees for the work they have done during that cycle, even if the buildings is no longer standing at its end!

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