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Modding Queen's Wish

Simulated Knave

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So I'm modding things a little for a run through the game. There's three basic things - adding some cultural differences between PCs, a few minor adjustments to items (notably armour and broadblades), and some colour adjustments and other visual changes (such as the Ukatish wearing Ukatish leather). I'll make it available in at some point in a fashion that accords with Spiderweb's policies on modding, which I do not currently remember.


What I'm thinking for the moment for your PC to have as innate differences between them:

Havenite Knowledge: Havenites get +10 to blessings, +5 curse resist, +5 to to-hit, +5 to critical hit above basic humans.
Vol Endurance: Vol get +10 physical evasion and +5 magic evasion.
Ahriel Blessings: Ahriel get +5 magic evasion, +15 poison resist, and +5 mental resist.
Ukatish Rage: +15 bleed resist, +5 speed, +5 critical hit.
Mother Knows Best: the Prince gets an additional +5 magic evasion, stun resist, mental resist, and speed above what Havenites already get.


These would all be coded in at the start, so you would see the results rather than a new ability or anything like that.


Note that basic NPC Ukatish, Vol and Ahriel all get certain abilities already (roughly what is above only moreso), so this is more adding a bit more variety between the characters so they're not just packages of abilities than anything else.

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I think this is a really interesting idea, Simulated Knave, and I look forward to seeing what you do with it!


It seems that you've put some very careful thought into the sorts of abilities that would work well for the various different races, and which would add in some interesting variety to selecting parties with differing race combinations. As Slarty mentioned above, Jeff has been interested in user-based mods and adaptations before – after all, playing with the engine is one interesting way of introducing innovation!


As you may well be aware, there are also mods for several of Spiderweb's current releases that make adjustments to combat, abilities and so on – most notably for the recent Avernum remakes. This might well be another, a continuation to the line of user-created mods for recent titles, perhaps!


Best of luck. I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour!

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Excellent. That's good to hear!


I imagine getting all the visual changes to line up is a pain, but I have a feeling it might be really effective once it's done.


Once you're at a point where it would make sense, do let the forums know if you'd like some people to help test out what you've made! I'd be happy to try and break things for you :)

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'Tis very kind of you. It's actually really ridiculously easy to do the low-level testing - the game loads pretty damn quick. Remembering everything I'm trying to do is actually the biggest obstacle - it's a lot to keep track of!


This is a long weekend, so with a bit of luck I'll be able to finish it up and have something releasable shortly.

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I don't know if Jeff is interested in DLC, but it would be worth while to see some of these changes, like Ukat in Ukatish leather outfits and perhaps some other touch ups. Like maybe a new class of Monsters added, or a single new quest-line or some event (good or bad that changes the map somewhat?),

for $9.99 or $14.99 or something like that. I would get it. It would make an already very interesting game a bit different the second time through.  :)

That would be fun!




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