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Boat-blocked from Solberg's Tower (A2)

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Tried looking online for a solution, but I only found an unanswered Steam thread.


I'm trying to take the boat to Solberg's tower, but both of the paths leading there have wandering monsters blocking the way. If I try to get off the boat, I get the message that I need a clear space in order to leave the boat. No matter how much I wait, the enemies never move or despawn. If anything, more of them keep spawning - there are currently 3 monster spawns blocking each tunnel. I'm completely at a loss here for how to proceed... any ideas?

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After the first time you visit there and reach the portal pillar, then you have the address so you can skip the boat.


But since you are still in part 1 that isn't an option. You might try exploring elsewhere and return much later and see if the area resets with fewer monsters.

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I suppose, although if you're that close to levelling up, a loop from Formello to Ft Draco down to the destroyed fort and back to Formello a time or two would probably give you enough wandering monsters to grind enough xp on.


Even if you can get to the tower (discounting the xp for finding it), you're nowhere near strong enough (iirc, it's been a while) to even get to the point where you're told to come back later.


Six of one, half dozen of the other I guess. Point being, there's no reason for Mechalibur to restart the game.

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