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Arcane Items and Support


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Perhaps I'm missing something, as I'm only a few hours into the game at this point, but I don't understand why you need Magic skills in order to equip items that are suitable for a Support/Healing type character. My 4th character is by default a healer-type, but can't equip a lot of gear that boosts blessings and healing because he doesn't have any points in Magic. This seems counter intuitive.

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You can make a Support/Healing type that uses no arcane items that require levels in Magic abilities. Basically the warrior/priest type without the blunt weapons. You get other bonuses from Support abilities that are really helpful.


Having Magic abilities helps besides equipment because Tier 1 Magery gives bonuses to Support abilities and the first 3 tiers give extra energy for abilities.

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First I don't know the reasoning behind that decision.  That said...


'Magery' gives you a 20% boost to blessings, etc along with a point of energy and access to tier 1 arcane gear.  By level seven or so I gave all of my party a skill point there. (read the 'advice'  thread for explanation on everyone being able to heal)


You can augment most regular gear with ... well, augments to boost those abilities anyway (arcane gear not necessary).


Your support guy probably isn't going to be blessing/healing every round so if he has magic he can be casting that (or zapping with a wand) from the back (or using a bow, but we're discussing magic).


I dunno, it never really was an issue during my playthroughs.

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'advice' thread, not 'hints'
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Hmm. I think perhaps for now I'll settle for buying the ability that increases the duration of blessings/curses, etc so I get access to basic arcane items to further boost healing and blessing, and as time goes on I guess I can equip that character with armour instead as the support abilities supplant the benefit from arcane items. Thanks for the info!

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