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  1. @Queen's Vlish thanks. I'm a developer by trade, so I appreciate a good set of steps to replicate. Wish I had thought to mention it was the demo in my OP 😛
  2. It happened again. Not sure what causes it, but I am also playing the demo (don't worry, I plan to buy the game next paycheque!). I also saved using the regular save menu instead of quitting then saving when prompted. Then I went to Quit, and the same thing as I outlined in my initial post happened again. EDIT: I think what is happening is something is causing the "Quit" button to be bound to "Save" event instead. It's as if it's treating Quit as an alias for Save. It isn't asking me if I want to save before I quit, it's just shunting me to the Save modal. Hitting Cancel doesn't quit. Combined with the Main Menu button being broken, in this scenario an OS force quit is necessary to stop the program. EDIT 2: The Windows dialog X (close) is also bound to Save when this issue occurs, apparently.
  3. Hmm. I think perhaps for now I'll settle for buying the ability that increases the duration of blessings/curses, etc so I get access to basic arcane items to further boost healing and blessing, and as time goes on I guess I can equip that character with armour instead as the support abilities supplant the benefit from arcane items. Thanks for the info!
  4. Perhaps I'm missing something, as I'm only a few hours into the game at this point, but I don't understand why you need Magic skills in order to equip items that are suitable for a Support/Healing type character. My 4th character is by default a healer-type, but can't equip a lot of gear that boosts blessings and healing because he doesn't have any points in Magic. This seems counter intuitive.
  5. I opened the game up again last night, and it worked fine when I quit playing for the night.. Allowed me to save and quit just as always. I tried it again just now, and it quit just fine. Not sure what happened. I'll post if it happens again.
  6. I started playing the game late last night before bed, and I'm at work now so I haven't had the chance to digest much of it. So far, so good in terms of game play. I tried to save and quit and was unable. Here are the steps I took: 1. Brought up the Save/Load/Quit Menu, and selected Quit. - Every time but one, the game brought up the "Are you sure you want to quit without saving" modal with Cancel/Confirm - One time it brought me right to the Save modal 2. If it asked me to confirm quit without saving, I chose Cancel, which brought me to the Save modal - I also tried Quit without Save and that also closes the modal and doesn't quit the game 3. I saved and then hit Confirm. 4. The Save/Load/Quit modal closes and I'm back in game play, instead of the app closing. I can't figure out how to close the game through its interface - I have had to use Task Manager to force stop the program both times I ended gameplay. I had the bright idea to click "Return to Main Menu" and try quitting the game through there, however, upon clicking that I'm presented with an empty modal dialog window with Cancel/Confirm: Clicking either Cancel or Confirm simply closes the modal and returns me to gameplay. System Specs: Windows 10 Pro, 1.0.17763 Build 17763, x64 (also sent this to tech support email)
  7. Thanks for responding, Randomizer. I have done the ritual of welcoming and spoken to Bon-Ihrno, but the quest won't complete. I have clicked all options in dialogue with him.
  8. I'm stuck on this quest and can't seem to go any further. At first, I sort of didn't notice the quest wasn't completed, and left the Vahnatai area of the game to go back to Avernum, and when I returned, I couldn't continue it. I have done the Ritual of Welcoming with the guy in the northeast corner of Avit, and now he tells me I'm finished it whenever I try to talk to him about it. I spoke to Bon-Ihrno and he has 8 dialogue options, none of which refer to the quest (nonetheless I clicked them all and exhausted dialog options with him). I completed all the test caves I found, but as far as I understand, I don't need to because I fulfilled all the requirements on the way through the rapids / waterfall section. What else am I missing?
  9. Well, you pretty much solved my troubles anyways: I went ahead and deleted all the text from the intro fields, and it skipped the intro altogether. Thank you for your help, much obliged!
  10. hmm, nope no luck still freezes up when I get to the third page.
  11. Hi, I am having trouble opening scenarios because in the introductions (the illustrated page with text on the right), the application stops responding and freezes. This is ok for scenarios with only 2 pages of intro, because usually I can eventually get through to gameplay with a few tries. But one scenario has 3 pages, and I can't get through, try as I might. Anyone have any ideas? Solutions? I thought maybe I could take the intro file out or something?
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