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Party size mods


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Hey all, a few years ago we had some script changes to the pylons and etc to allow more than two hands to join the party. I was hoping we could get them all in one place, to download and replace the files? I've been fiddling for hours, but I'm completely hopeless with coding and scripting and such. If anyone has these files, please let me know/post them! :D

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Should have clarified, sorry- I have those ones, but later, it was done again for Avadon 2, here, and then again for Avadon 3 I believe. But the files for 2 are no longer available, and I can't understand how to make it work without causing errors. I was hoping to get the files for all three games here if possible.

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Hello Gnosis,


Sorry to be slow off the mark!


The problem you mention about downloading the files for the Avadon 2 mod is simply a permissions issue – although the error message is a little confusing! The files can only be accessed by a member of the forum. In order to download those files, simply log in a try again. You'll be able to download them just fine!


What the mod creators have done with these files is to edit little parts of the programs, called 'scripts', to change the behaviour of the games a little bit. They've done all the work for you, so all you need to do is to plug them in to the game engine!


Before you do anything, it's best to make a backup. I'd suggest just copying the entire game folder, just to be on the safe side. That way, if anything goes wrong, you've got a clean copy of the game to go back to!


On your copied game, find the folder called 'Scripts'. For me, that's inside the folder 'Avadon Files', but that might be different for you depending on your system, and whether you're playing the game through an intermediary like Steam. Now all you need to do is to copy those scripts you downloaded as part of the mod – they'll be named something like z00town.txt – and move them into the Scripts folder. They'll overwrite some of the original files – that's why you made a backup! – and the mod will then be installed.


For these mods, my understanding is that you activate them by clicking on an Avadon Pylon. Once you've installed the mod, try clicking on one and seeing what happens!

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