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  1. Should have clarified, sorry- I have those ones, but later, it was done again for Avadon 2, here, and then again for Avadon 3 I believe. But the files for 2 are no longer available, and I can't understand how to make it work without causing errors. I was hoping to get the files for all three games here if possible.
  2. Hey all, a few years ago we had some script changes to the pylons and etc to allow more than two hands to join the party. I was hoping we could get them all in one place, to download and replace the files? I've been fiddling for hours, but I'm completely hopeless with coding and scripting and such. If anyone has these files, please let me know/post them!
  3. Erm... once again, sorry for the necromancy, but... Is it possible to have this work in the Avadon dungeons, too? I've been fiddling with it, but I'm no good with code-y stuff, and I can't figure it out for the life of me. >.<
  4. For the first bit, yes, I did mean to include the fighting between the nations. Sorry if I caused confusion there! But for that second part, I didn't mean that the Shapers would be the ones dropping the bombs, so to speak, that would be the Empire. Rather, I meant that if there /were/ nuclear weapons used /against/ the Shapers, I think the Shapers would make creations that would thrive in the fallout, either cleaning it to make the lands hospitable again or twisting it around to make the creations more powerful.
  5. It's just the fact that the Pact is so much weaker than literally every other group, I believe. Regardless of preparation, unless the Pact would manage to seriously cripple the Shapers in the first move, the Shaper's retaliation would be devastating. It'd be like... Hawaii, for example (ONLY Hawaii, not the rest of the US) going to war against a major power like China. Not counting a mass-nuking of the entire country (Which the Shapers would likely even be able to manipulate to their advantage via charged creations and the like) or a mass assassination of almost EVERY political/military leader
  6. My, my, my, it's been such a long time since I've seen a thread that truly caught my eye like this one! Reading all of your interesting theories, I figured I might present my own. To begin with, when you say "Shapers", which group do you mean? The loyalists or the rebels? And, even then, you've got the human rebels and the creation rebels. Anyhow! The Empire vs. The Pact: The Empire. Don't get me wrong, I think there would be a good fight, but I also think the Empire would completely overwhelm the pact. There's just too many of them. The only chance the pact would have, I think, w
  7. What would I like? What I want is for the Geneforge games to optionally affect each other according to what the player did in the previous games. I... Don't know how to explain. I'm bad with words. Also, a junk bag. Definitely a junk bag. In fact, if you'd prefer, just forget what I said a moment ago and pay MORE attention to the junk bags.
  8. Worked like a charm, thanks a lot!
  9. It was something along the lines of "missing talk node." Any chance I could just get a file download and replace the script, like the Avernum 1 mod? I'm not the greatest at this stuff. >.< Edit: Sorry if that was vague, but I had already undid the changes that caused the error message when I had posted here.
  10. Sorry to so blatantly be practicing necromancy, but I'm seriously confused- How exactly do I do this? All's I've managed to do so far is get an error message.
  11. I believe I may have actually found a use for the pyroroamers... If you group several of them together, you can send them to surround an unwanted friendly character, absorb one of them, and viola! Ring of fire and the character is typically dead, give or take a few uses! Because you don't outright attack anyone, you can easily pick off person by person without the town going hostile.
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