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Help. Buggy graphics?

La paix

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Hi friends. I had a sudden hankering / attack of nostalgia, so I downloaded BoE and started playing it again. :) I'm on a 2009 iMac running OS 10.11.6, and I'm just playing Valley of Dying Things for the moment. I noticed that the crystal pillar light thingies and glowing portculli and gross filth outdoors all appear as black squares. I gave up when I went into the southern part of the school because all the gremlins are invisible. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks for making this available and playable. :)

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Errors like this are an indication that the scenario's custom graphics file is damaged or missing. There are a few things that could cause this, but the most common is that Windows doesn't correctly handle the file format used for custom graphics, so if your copy of the game ever passed through a Windows computer that would explain it. It could also be something to do with the program you used to extract the game from the archive file after downloading it.

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Hello La paix,


There is something else that might be causing the problem you've been experiencing.


There are a number of different versions of BoE available for the Mac these days. Many of these are experimental versions produced by programmers who are currently updating the game for modern systems. BoE is a complex program, and there's no handy manual for figuring out all of the code, so this is understandably taking some time!

However, this means that there are versions of the game out there that are not complete, and in some cases are really buggy. At least one of the versions has real problems loading graphics, causing problems exactly like those you've described.


Where did you download the version of BoE you're using? Ideally, could you tell us the exact link you used? It's possible that you're using one of buggy releases – particularly if you've downloaded one of the more recent versions.


If you're using an iffy download, it might be worth trying out this one instead:



This is the version I use, and I can testify that it works like a charm.

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