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Empire Portal fortress

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If I remember it correctly you need to go along the northern river past Khoth's area and go east through several forts and then use the Orb of Thralni to get past the last obstacle to reach the Portal Fortress.


There are several earlier steps in the quest starting at the Tower of Eldaran across from Fort Dranlon to get there if you aren't that far along.

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Well, there are guard towers just west of Pyrog's fort that won't let me go past, no matter how many times I try to "speed through".  So I haven't been able to go on the northern river.  The person who gave the quest to raid the portal said to travel down the river to the west and look for a concealed passage on the east side of the shore.  Totally baffling. . . I assume I'm far enough along, since that and the kill Garzhad quest are the only things left for me to do. 


And, who is Khoth?


I'm quite impressed that you're still monitoring this forum.  🙂


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