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Geenforge 5: Greta

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Just finished playing through G5 on Astorias's side, and I must say: wow! Great ending for a great series! I'm just curious on what happened to Greta. Did she guide the rebels and direct them in building new settlements in the compromised land they were given? And if so, once completed, where did she venture off to next? Damn dude there should be like a story book about Geneforge portraying if the Rebels won, or if the Shapers won. Many thanks!

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10 hours ago, Vinlie said:

Correct me if I'm wrong, but idk if Greta was actually working quote on quote "for" Astoria because she briefly spoke with the player at the fight with Ghaldring then fled. Maybe I have to re-read the end credits lol. 


8 hours ago, Tacowarrior said:

I'm pretty sure Greta worked with Astoria during one of the endings. 


5 hours ago, Vinlie said:

oh which one?


If you talk with Greta in the Drakon city, after you go into Astoria's faction she more or less admits she works with Astoria. And during Astoria's quests you're sent to burn the letters they have exchanged as they are incriminating.
It is a bit strange that Greta never sees much fallout for that cooperation. The Drakon guy in that cave before Gazaki-Uss is going through a lot of trouble just before he didn't reveal the Secret Access Route, but Greta is writing to Astoria, gives her information (Shadow Road etc), pauses the campaign against her and she doesn't get even a wink.

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In the ending, I don't think Greta is mentioned. However, she does actually affect the ending: presumably as a result of her dealings with Astoria being exposed if Greta lives, Rawal becomes the leader of the Shaper Council; if you kill her, however (which I did once and about which I felt rather bad), Rawal is mentioned as simply having dwindling influence (although I do not believe Astoria becomes the head councilor).

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