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G5: I'm... strengthening my enemies... somehow...

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Right, so, I don't know how to explain it, but I'm currently assaulting the gates of Gazaki-Uss (Shaper, lvl 46, Battle Creation specialist). At first, it's all good: a Beta and an Ur-Glaahk show up with me, with a few more showing up as I went. They're confused and weak, but my presence strengthens them, more than doubling their health (remember this). I'm making my way to the gate, slaying enemy Betas, Glaahks, and Podlings like a champ, when a few Drayks with supporting Podlings saunter up to me. I right click: about 570 health each. I think, "Right, 'cause that'll work," and send my Creations after the Drayks, backing them up with Essence Lances galore.

But the Drayks weren't dead.

They weren't even at half health.

I check again: 1500 HP and change.

Oh god, am I Raditz? Is that what's happening? Am i gonna get taken down by a 4 year old?

And then I notice my log: Drayk is strengthened by your presence.

Pardon? Someone explain how to fix this, cuz this ain't a soup kitchen.

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Which drayks if I may ask? Perhaps the scripts boost some? But still, it wouldn't be "Strengthened by your presence"... probably a bug. 

But 46 lvl?  War-Trall Shaper? War-Tralls are super-cost-effective essence-wise. At 46 lvl you probably have a few artifacts to give your creations a +6 to +12 to stats or something and a ton of essence. With  5 high-level War tralls you probably could take everything in the game, including the final battles. 

You can cut through those 1500 hp drayks with ease. 

Do it! :-)



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