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A3: Dragons private rooms

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Didn't find a way in Sulfras cave, but for Khoth's area the door in the south has a hidden switch to get to the cells and if you kill Khoth then the hidden switch on the north wall of his main room lets you into another area to the south and the barrier is now gone so you can loot.


If the dragons just gave you their treasure, then you wouldn't have to kill them.

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1 hour ago, Randomizer said:

Sulfras has that nice Mercuric Plate if you need an extra action point. But that is the toughest fight.


Khoth wouldn't give me his three wisdom crystals without a fight.


You aren't really missing anything if you skip the fights.

That's good to know. I actually feel bad for the dragons, based on their interactions w/ humankind, and don't feel the need to kill them and loot their hoards unless it's required for a plot point.

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