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Beka and Ciphar

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A group of Serviles from Rising, lead by one named Beka, guard the entrance to the guarded tunnel northwest of Drypeak.


With high enough leadership you can get Beka to stand down - by threatening her family with slavery.


A. Does this impact your pro/anti shaper influence meter?


B. Do you meet her later in the game if you spare her? I ask because CIphar just went and chopped her down after she fled.

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So you know, if you'd like to check out the data on these kinds of things yourself, you can look at the scripts folder in the game data folder. gforscen.txt, in Geneforge 1 and 2, and gf[3,4,5]objsmisc.txt, in the later games, have the data on all the spells. You can check spells, based on what you know (the ab_damage_type value determines what kind of damage an attack does, so you can compare it to ice spray to see if it's cold damage, acid attacks, etc.), to figure out what they do.


For things like reputation, you can look in the zone dialog files (for example, this one would be z11smarshdlg.txt) and examine the exact conversation. If it affects your reputation, you'll find a code entry along the lines of "inc_flag(100,0,3)". An increase (the 3 at the end) is pro-Shaper; a negative value is pro-servile (the reputation value ranges from 0 to 200, with 100 being neutral).


In regards to your questions about damage, shades typically do cold damage in close combat and magical (energy) damage with spells. In the later games, mines often do magical damage (but some, if I recall correctly, do fire damage as well), but I am not entirely certain about it in the earlier games. In Geneforge 1, as a side note, I believe that there is no cold damage, and all damage that would be cold (e.g. cryora attack) does energy damage.

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