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Rats Aplenty Questions

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Well, I'm playing Rats Aplenty again, and I've beaten the main plot and nearly all the side quests I could find. There are three things I would like to know:


1. Is there any way to get an actual reward from somebody for ending the rat plague? You get the quest from the Mayor's Aide of Scurftown. However when you return to him after completing the mission, there are now two guards blocking the way into his office. Talking to them yields no possible way to get by them. aside from attacking them, but that just makes the town hostile. Is there anyway I can get past those guards and get my reward for finishing the rat plague quest?


2. Is there any purpose to some of these special items that I've been finding in the scenario. I've recovered a Imp's Heart, a Giant Slug's organ, and some shiny object. As far as I can see, nobody seems to make mention that they want any of those items. Is there anyone who is looking for any of these items or are they just red herrings?


3. Can I ever get into the warehouse in the northeast part of Scurftown? It's also guarded by two guards and talking to them doesn't get me passed them. Is there a way through these guards (aside from killing them) to get in the warehouse?


Thank you in advance.

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Usual caveat, answers come from reading the scripts, I may have missed something, etc.


1. The Mayor's Aide doesn't even have dialogue involving finishing the quest, so no, you can't get any kind of reward from him.


2. You can trade the Shiny Item to Meuric in the Lost City for an item of your choice. Gabriel in Scurftown can use the Heart of an Imp or the Acid Gland of a Giant Slug to enchant armor.


3. Not that I can see. There's nothing in there anyway, though.

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Regarding question # 2, it's not just any armor that Gabriel will enchant. You have to have the overpriced leather armor you can buy from the rambling shopkeeper (Horatio's Guard, I believe). You can also extract something from an ice lizard for this enchanting process.


Speaking of obscure special items, did you find (use for) the pigeon crap?

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