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mod Secret Bovine Society Ava3


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Link to download: Ava3 Bovine mod


The Read Me file:


The Secret Bovine Society is a mod for "Avadon 3 - The Warborn" by Spiderweb Software © 2016. Mods are not supported by Spiderweb Software.


As it was for Avadon 2, this mod was created for my own use to increase the entertainment level of the game AFTER I did several complete playthroughs. However this is not a small mod like it was in Av2.


FYI: The game engine was not modified so the mechanics are the same.


After reading Jeff's blogs on game creation, very inspirational I might add, I was energized to expand on this mod and do things I did not originally think about while playing the game. That being said, it still takes a long time to create an extensive mod because you don't know or have access to the code and data locked up inside the app. You have to use trial and error to see how the engine reacts to your ideas. You have to learn where the line is drawn and not to theorize about writing something on the other side of it because that is a private territory. To make a long story short, it's not a perfect project but I hope it is good enough to keep the Spiderweb family happy and "diverted" into the otherrealm to fill in the time until Jeff makes another game or more mods are made or both. There is so much potential for mods that I kept wandering off my missions and refocusing back to what my prime directive was.


The primary goal for making this is to be swept away to another reality but stay lore-friendly. Start with an open mind because there are quite a few modifications. So far there is no guide or list of changes because I think the Aha! effect is an important part of the game and I want to maximize that. There will be some orientation in the beginning of the game. Please take the time to read the dialogues.


Installation: After downloading and unzipping the project, there are two ways to install it. One way is to back up completely your folder named Resources (Mac) or Scripts (Windows) and then drag all of the files from the Bovine folder into your original folder and let the system replace the old files with the new ones. The second way is to just remove the duplicated files from your folder to another folder temporarily while playing the bovine mod so that none of your originals are erased.

Then start a new game. This has been tested on three machines and three systems so far so any feedback would be welcome. Preferably privately to prevent spoilers.


Thanks for your interest and thanks to Jeff Vogel for a great game that can be modded. (Hopefully more files can be pulled outside the app for more complex modding in the future ;-). )


P.S. I am not a graphic artist. All photo and artwork copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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A few teasers.


The Companions of Khalida, Rudow and Silena are no longer in the Party. They have been replaced by three new members: Rhonda, Tove and Larissa. (With their own story lines.) There are new weapons, new items, a new companion type, new additional quests and some ancillary companions.


:D :D :D

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