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Okay so if your like me and enjoy playing around with the Geneforge games scripts and graphics then you would know that by changing the names of various images changes what the image is used for. Example: graphics for an agent may be G2034-G2046 (example) and the graphics for a Shaper may be G2023-G2035 (example), so if you where to rename the images for a shaper to match that of an agent and visa versa then you would change the appearance of your agent to look like a shaper and reverse. But what im wondering is , does anyone know how to change the appearance of your character to perhaps a Mage or a Drakon? If im doing this the hard way, or you know how to do it, can someone help me.

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Im referring to geneforge 4-5 in particular, and i appreciate your thought though...oops. Regardless i just tried it then. i changed the appearance of my servile to a mage and the servile at the start of GF4 (magda) didn't change appearance at all, even when i went to south forge citadel there was no change in any of the serviles there. im relatively sure renaming the folder for the grapics for a mage to that of a servile ( or anything else ) and overwriting the graphics of the servile ( or another creature) only changes the appearance of your character. at least in everything ive tried.


I just think there must be a better way to change appearance other than renaming the graphics, mainly becuase renaming the graphics causes glitches


And if i am not mistaken in a forum i viewed 2 or so years ago someone figured it out but i cant find the forum so i made my own. Im sure this info will be useful to others as well

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I just mentioned in a previous post that I tested to see if Alhoon Was correct and no, in this circumstance, if you rename the graphics of one creature to the graphics of of a normal playable character then your character will have the appearance of that creature. Example Shock trooper to look like a Mage. the problem here is that when you do that your character glitches as you walk around. Ill say it again im sure there is a better way to change appearance... script editing perhaps.. idk.

Well of course, thats what im trying to find out.

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