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  1. This fills my heart with so much joy.
  2. I gotta start making tiles for the engine, even just a few basic filler ones so my programmer can see whats happening in order to tweak it and get it right and finish building it. so far is mostly conceptual work but he's got the basis of an isometric engine and I have like class system and character building and all kinds of that nuts and bolts [censored] already planned out although the internal details and math of those still needs to be worked out I have the structure envisioned and we just have to code it.
  3. I'm in the beginning stages of working on making an RPG with a friend that's heavily influenced by spiderweb games and its the sort of isometric story focused with turn based combat and such, but with what I think are improvements and elaborations on Jeff's formula, since why make your own game at all if you aren't trying to build upon what's been done and innovate or otherwise improve and enhance it to make something new and cool that isn't quite just a clone. Geneforge like branched story with factions that have distinct paths, flavor wise is heavily influenced by Robert E. Howard's original Conan the Barbarian short stories (brilliant writing those are) and GRR Martin's Game of Thrones books, and also the old testament of the bible. Is actually set in a quasi biblical setting that's a heavily fictionalized version of our own World, Earth, not a new self contained fantasy world. It's set in a time before our written history but that roughly lines up with the early parts of the book of Genesis. Its set in the time before the flood. Supposed to be a trilogy and the flood happens in the third one because it's brought about by man to destroy the Nephlim. another influence in this setting and story is the novel The Many Colored Land, and the rest of the books in that series. Was a scifi book that played with similar themes, but mine is more bloodshed and constant intense gory conflict like an 80s action flick like the original conan the barbarian movie with Arnold that is the atmosphere this is gonna have kinda. but not quite so derivative. will include some lovecraftian chtullu mythos elements, I think those are in the public domain and can be adapted freely right? Another big influence on this setting
  4. huh, well it's probably OP for the baton if you get it as early as Mera but a guardian wielding my buffed burning blade seemed ok in the early storm plains and stayed competitive later on because of how my damage scaled with stat boosts from my other gear and my skill points. I think it did do about 100 damage a turn even in the early storm plains when I first had it, but because I had to wade into packs of enemies and still didn't have super high armor or resistances there was a very real risk of me dying even if I could two-shot most average foes. Having a ranged attack that does that much that early is definitely op. I remember that how effective the energy dot was is highly dependent on the kind of creations you're fighting. the magic creations all have really high energy resistance and in storm plains there's a lot of Glaakhs and they are tough melee tank-ish on top of that. they barely took anything from it. Then the battle creations that you're fighting all have higher health so they can soak up more damage before croaking even though it hurts them more. Things like Cryoas and Roamers and other kinda mid-tier creations without high energy resistances or super high health were the only foes that it really wrecked. I like making the different special weapons all have situational uses where they confer a distinct advantage, are modestly effective against most average foes, and then are severely ineffective in others, gives the player more reason to keep them all around instead of selling them.
  5. huh, that is odd. I'll have to double check if the numbers I'm remembering are accurate but I've not seen the energy dot spike quite that high. If I remember correctly acid and poison did less damage than the energy dot but more than you're saying and the energy dot didn't qo quite that high, more like 60ish per turn tops.
  6. And that's why I heavily buffed Alwan and Greta in the G3 scripts. They were pretty pathetic to start with. They're still a little meh in the later parts of the game because I didn't want to make them too OP in the beginning of the game
  7. In my personal mods, I gave the original flaming Sword that energy DOT and it doesn't seem OP, the damage is more in line with your average acid or poison. I also made it do fire damage instead of physical, so it's less useful against enemies who resist fire, such as all those Drakons towards the end. Its energy DOT becomes less useful later in the game as well, at least if you shape, because once you have Kyshakks they can spread that lightning effect around more effectively than the sword and they don't stack as far as I know. I changed lightning aura and essence lances so they hit multiple targets. Lightning aura hits 3, essence lances hits 5. I also changed Kyshakks so they use the weaker Lightning aura instead of the more powerful essence lances, to balance out it's ability to spray multiple enemies with lightning to spread that DOT around. Gives it a more specialized role with more utility so it's not just a gimped Wingbolt. The upgraded Kyshak, the charged one I gave the more powerful essence lances spell to differentiate it from the basic Kyshakk more. I also made reapers apply the energy dot effect because it seemed weird that the most powerful kind of Thorn didn't apply any status effects. if anyone is interested I can send them my modded GF5 scripts. they're not quite done yet I need to tune the numbers for balance a little better, currently my character seems a little OP, though that's partly because I power-gamed like hell. I think I'm going to buff the health of later game enemies to compensate so the player can still feel good seeing those big numbers when they hit but they're not face-rolling their way through the endgame slaughtering everything with zero effort or risk.
  8. the coding aspect isn't my specialty; I can do minor mods like tweaking items and monsters pretty comfortably but reinventing zones is far out of my league at present. Let me know once you've got the technical framework rolling and then I'll help with the "front-end" writing, dialogue, descriptions, all that kind of storytelling content stuff that the player sees and reads. That sort of writing is one of my strengths, I like to think I've got a pretty good command of the english language and composing prose and such. I can post some drafts of a couple short-stories I've been working on writing.
  9. Sounds like a worthy project. I'm happy to help with the writing of the dialogue and descriptions and stuff.
  10. Killing Litalia resulting in you being locked out of Ghaldring's faction doesn't make ANY sense. For one thing, one of the quests FROM HIS FACTION is specifically to Kill Litalia, the Drakon Researcher in the lab gives you that quest. Sure, Litalia cofounded the Rebellion and perhaps to some of the rebel humans and serviles she's still a war hero, but to Ghaldring, she's a Traitor and a dangerous Enemy. She turned on him, and is now directly working against him, so both his pride and strategic prudence dictate that he wants her dead. I'm surprised he doesn't give you the kill-quest personally. I can't imagine him overlooking that kind of betrayal, he probably wants her severed head on a silver platter as much or more than any of the Shapers, a traitor is usually viewed worse than someone who was a foe all along, and the closer and dearer that person was before they turned traitor, the deeper that betrayal wounds and the more hatred and vengeful rage it inspires. The point of this post isn't that ideologically I am pro or anti Litalia/Ghaldring, or to cast judgement on her decision to leave the rebellion to lead the Trakovites, but to point out the dynamic that the relationship between Litalia and Ghaldring likely would have taken on given what she did and his seeming general attitude. Greta might feel bad about Litalia getting killed, but Ghaldring almost certainly WANTS her dead. beyond that personal vendetta on Ghaldring's part for her betrayal, there's also the fact that even though the Trakovites count as a "Rebel-Ish" faction, they are not only separate from but opposed to the main Rebellion. The Trakovites think that the Rebels are just as bad as the Shapers if not worse, and the Rebels seem as viciously opposed to the Trakovites as the shapers are. Slaughtering the Trakovites and killing their Leader ought to help put you in the Rebels' good graces, not lock you out of joining the Rebellion.
  11. See Rawal doesn't worry me much because even though he hordes power, he doesn't seem inclined to lash out with it or actually use it much at all, he just kind of stockpiles it for "eventually" using it, his ambition isn't tempered by morals or compassion or anything particularly benevolent, but his ambition does seem to be tempered by caution to the point of being almost paralyzed by it. Astoria and I think some other characters talk about how all of the councilors have "broken" somehow, and the way Rawal has broken is to collapse inward and ignore the world and wait the war out and hope all the stuff he stockpiled will help him come out on top then, but he doesn't move to change the fate of the war himself. He has a very vague agenda and while he clearly seems to want to end up in charge of the shapers, he isn't an ideologue who would be willing to see the world burn just to advance his philosophy. he just sits and waits for a chance he tells himself will come. He's checked out of the plot almost, hiding in his mountains. And in the endings, when that chance does come and he does wind up in power, he turns out to be a decent and pragmatic leader. he's actually a fairly moderate shaper to begin with too, he's no liberal like Astoria, but he's no Alwan or Taygen. don't get me wrong, I really despise Rawal just the same. Largely because of how he treats the PC; I don't care what his redeeming features are when he sticks a control tool in my chest and lords it over me like that treating me like a slave. nah. he made it personal for me. I wanted to kill Rawal so badly that I almost joined Ghaldring on my first play through even though I sympathized most with Astoria and didn't particularly like Ghaldring. Now that Im doing a Rebel play through, I am eagerly looking forward to striking that pompous a-hole down for trying to use me as his puppet. I'm just waiting till I kill Platano and get that last reward. but if I hadn't encountered him in that context and I'd just run into him without my whole dynamic of that relationship shaped from the beginning of the game the way it does, I think I'd just find him mildly contemptible and not have such a visceral loathing of him. What I do wish is that there was a way to get into all of the Foundry Repository Vaults regardless of which faction you join. Make them really difficult to get if you're not aligned to the right faction, but don't have those rewards locked out completely. Maybe each councilor could drop their respective keys, or there could be some special boss (or bosses) somewhere else, or have it tied into other quest lines somehow. It might make sense to have it connected to Rawal since he oversees the repository, he could have some secret master key that he's not supposed to have stashed away somewhere. Also there ought to be a way for Rebel Characters to get those third points in Gazer and Drakon so they can make Ur-Drakons and Eyebeasts, since currently as far as I know the canisters you'd need are only in Inner-Ghazaki-Uss where you have the final battle to kill Ghaldring. Even for Shaper Characters it'd make sense to have a way to get those creations somewhere else a little earlier because they're almost useless at that point, you're already in the middle of the final battle at that point, At best you only get to use them in one fight, and since you may well be locked in combat for the rest of the game at that point you might not get to make them at all. I feel like you should get them towards the end of the game still but earlier enough that if you go through the effort to get them you still have time to flex your newfound powers and revel in the glorious slaughter your Eyebeasts and Ur-Drakons are capable of, and already have them with you when you knock on Ghaldring's door, come prepared.
  12. Just to clarify about my thoughts on Harmony Isle: My issue isn't that Lankan is an unreliable character who makes bad decisions, it's that the way the story pans out, or rather fails to pan out as you go along that feels broken; the situation doesn't get fully resolved... even though your actions should have resolved it. I'm ok with unsatisfying resolutions and sad endings but traipsing off to the next island and leaving them all camping out in the swamp cowering from monsters that are no longer there to threaten them while the governor grouches in his capitol doesn't feel right. it's not just a "pick from two imperfect choices" scenario where we don't get an out from having to make that moral choice, it's that logically there should be an out (Because we killed all the monsters that caused the problem in the first place) and we don't get it. You can have a full resolution if you go pro-shaper and then slaughter the rebels and that takes care of the loose ends but if you take the rebel path or decide to be a merciful shaper it's all left up in the air. It's not like the global scale conflicts that are beyond your power to singlehandedly resolve (even though your character always does in the end, btw) it's a small contained situation that was well within our power to resolve. Hell, I'd have been happy with a scenario where you kill all the monsters, go tell Lankan and his rebels "Hey, the monsters are gone, you can all go back to your lives and homes" and some leave but Lankan stays out in the swamp because he's afraid of facing Shaper Justice, and he could say something as simple as "thank you for saving our home, but I can't go back because they'll kill me" and it'd be satisfied. I had an idea where maybe Lankan actually surrenders and submits to justice on the condition that all the other gatherers who joined his rebellion will be spared and you watch him get executed in the town square. there's grumbling and people aren't totally happy but they understand that they got the best case scenario thanks to your intervention so there's no more torches and pitchforks. Characters and endings can be unlikable or unsatisfying as long as they do it in a way that is compelling and doesn't feel inconstant or contrived and break immersion. I suppose I could go into the dialogue scripts and fix it myself? conversations are easy enough to edit but idk about quests, I've never tried that.
  13. Well in Avernum we managed four characters inventories for 6 games plus 2 remakes and a third on the way. It's just maddening to me to have like half characters who look like they should function more or less the same way your character does but instead they're just treated like regular creations. The inventory management as far as equipment wouldn't be anything I'd be bothered by or unused to, though I would certainly want an Avadon style Junk Bag. I had the idea of keeping the existing skill point/ability system that's the same for all classes but adding class specific talent trees to differentiate them more and add depth. For companions like Alwan and Greta I think it'd probably work fine to give them an inventory and the appropriate talent tree but not give them the full skill spreadsheet like your PC does. Letting your human/servile companions have their own inventory and quick item slots would let you make more efficient use of consumables like Pods/Spores, Crystals, Wands, and they'd be able to scale better because they can actually take advantage of the same kind of gear progression your main character does. I think charms should have their own inventory tab, like a charm bracelet or something that they're attached to so you can hold on to as many as you find without using up bag space. As for Lankan and Harmony Isle, I don't like the idea of making huge dramatic changes to the premise, the situation that was set up by events before you arrived isn't the problem; you've got a well meaning but strained shaper whose at least slightly conflicted between moral decency and strictly upholding shaper law and rule, he's sympathetic but having to lay down the law anyways. Lankan is a frustrated civilian with completely understandable concerns even if he's a stubborn fool who doesn't really grasp the depth of the situation; he's got more idealism than sense; it's an ok dichotomy where neither side is totally unrelatable. The problem was how the game didn't allow you to properly resolve the conflict; I know one of the themes of Geneforge is gray and grey morality where you're forced to pick between choices that are imperfect at best, but in this instance it came off as maddeningly contrived. It's not just that the resolution is unsatisfying, it's that there's no real resolution at all unless you slaughter the rebels. Otherwise they just sit there in their little fort even though the island is clean still waving their pitchforks even though the rogues are gone. Even if you give the rebels the Canister it has no immediately visible results. Making the island seem more strategically valuable to make it important enough to justify the resources and effort that the rebellion went through on the island would be a good thing though. They went through an awful lot of trouble to terrorize a seemingly irrelevant little swamp island as it stands now. I think the G3 rebellion could use at least a few more sympathetic characters because they seem wholly villainous and crazy in G3 despite their rhetoric about freedom and equality and the supposed tyranny of the shapers. In G4 they're presented in a much more sympathetic light and even in G5 you've got moderates to balance ghaldring. In G3 they're straight up terrorists and the shapers are just trying to stop the rising tide of monsters terrorizing innocent civilians. It's not even just that the G3 rebellion is violent radicals overall but the fact that there's pretty much no one on their side that seems to have any redeeming qualities that make them seem morally justified.
  14. I agree with most of what you said, I'll give a more detailed reply later because that's gonna be a lot of typing and I don't have time right now. I especially agree about Harmony Isle being rather botched. If Lankan is revolting because he doesn't think the shapers are doing enough to stop the monsters, then really the underlying reason is just the presence of the monsters and Lankan and the Shapers actually want the same thing. So while idk if adding a diplomatic solution prior to the player cleansing the island is appropriate but you'd think that Lankan would also give you a quest to find and destroy the source of the rogues, instead of just asking for his stupid canister. He wouldn't need the canister if you could just kill all the monsters for him yourself. If nothing else there ought to be a dialogue option for After the player has destroyed the source of the rogues where you can be like "Hey, Lankan, you know those monsters you thought the Shapers weren't doing enough to fight? well I singlehandedly slaughtered ALL of them across the entire island so you guys can all go home like you said you wanted to instead of staying holed up in this ramshackle fort" It makes no sense to me that Lankan's little band of rebels doesn't react at all to you saving their asses. The way it is now makes NO sense. Sure, maybe lankan is a stubborn buffoon who can't be negotiated with, but he at least ought to give you some credit for solving the underlying problem that drove them to revolt in the first place. Also I feel like companion characters like Greta and Alwan ought to have their own full inventories so you can equip them with gear just like you can for your main character. Give greta the option to switch between spells just like you can. And for that matter, you ought to have creations with more than two abilities and be able to switch between those, plenty of enemies seem to have three or more abilities that the AI can use at their discretion, why can't we????
  15. I went and edited my post to be more appropriately worded.
  16. Wingbolts wreck unbound I've noticed in my current play through though I am on normal or hard difficulty not torment. The Unbound seem vulnerable to energy/magic damage and so while all my other creations dealt out measly amounts of damage and barely scratched it, the Wingbolt's bolts took much bigger chunks out of it and killed it in several turns. I also had my guardian PC wielding my modded Thirsting Knife (now called the Thirsting Kriss) that does energy damage and applies the weakening effect so between my main PC and my Wingbolt the Unbound proved manageable.
  17. that is a shame See the problem with the charged creations was that the intent was to have situationally useful disposable but extra powerful creatures to be like shock troops for hard boss fights and masses of enemies, they're temporary but wreck face while they're up and it's supposed to be a worthwhile tradeoff but they're not the way the current creatures are implemented. I tried to make the charged creations all worth the essence and viable by buffing them and giving them unique qualities. The charged Thadh I made so it's like a miniature Rot, not as powerful as a real Rot by any means but they could come in handy and their acid attack was useful especially in the beginning. Charged Vlish becomes AOE Debuff Podling with a weaker version of the gazers melee attack I think I gave it, damage shield. it's good for when you have packs even in the late game it's just fragile and you have to be careful with it. The charged Wingbolt I've alternately given either diamond spray or purifying rain, and upping their stats even further than they are. Figured Diamond Spray gave it uniqueness but fit with the creation because it was the multi target version of it's regular attack basically, and stronger so it had situational usefulness to burn down packs of foes with burst damage. For Purifying Rain, I figured it was already named the Unstable Firebolt so I'd work with that and not have to rename it and I wanted that multi target damage and I figured since a Wingbolt is already a Knockoff Gazer, why not have the upgraded Wingbolt be a knockoff Eyebeast? I can't remember which version I have presently in my scripts. The Burning Kyshakk mostly just got flat buffs because it was already good and had a niche. The Shock Trall was already good but I made it stronger by buffing the stunning rock ability itself and making the stun more stunny so it can really lock down enemies and not just be a Trall with extra AP. Pyroamers I totally replaced the PC's Shaped ones with Cryoroamers. Figure ice version of the base creation is the theme for Fire creations, the Cryoroamer is a souped up Cryoa with better melee basically. They're not OP as creations but they're a little too good for their essence cost probably, they become largely obsolete by middle of the storm plains but before that you can have a horde of them because they're so cheap and they slaughter everything. Having two in your party? plays totally balanced. Have six and you've got leftover essence still for spells? a little much.
  18. I turned the Charged Vilish into a Podling type creation essentially. It's still a Vlish (A purple, glowing Vlish), I didn't literally turn it into a Podling, but I gave it one of the Podling attacks (Slow Rain) and buffed the hell out of it overall. It's not OP but definitely more worth the essence than it was before and gives you some AOE damage and de-buff ability, and earlier in the game. I like Wingbolts, I think they're good creations for the essence and I wouldn't want to replace them with Podlings. I think I gave Diamond Spray to the Charged Upgrade Wingbolt and changed the name from Unstable Firebolt to "Unstable Thunderbolt" or something. I think the regular Wingbolt is fine as is, and it serves the niche of a mid-late game ranged single-target creation very nicely. Sure, they share an attack with Gazers but their energy bolt is way weaker than the Gazers and several of the fire creations also share attacks that are just stronger version of the earlier tier's breath weapon. The only way I know to give an attack multiple damage types or status effects is through blessing crystals because those are applied to the item as stats not as part of the base ability. The problem is that the damage from them is trivial, most of the debuff status effects aren't guaranteed to be applied on every hit, and I think giving them to an item via the scripts blocks you from using another crystal on it in game (I could be wrong though). I had one possible thing to try: blessing crystals only give 1 point of their assigned stat to an item, I'm not sure how those stats behave, but maybe you could take a sword and give it several points of "fire/cold essence" to make it do more extra elemental damage than you'd get from just the regular blessing crystal. I suppose that if nothing else that could let you give a point each of more than one enhancement to let an attack do multiple status effects.
  19. I had the idea for an artifact melee weapon mod, because even though Ranged definitely needed the most love, Melee deserves some help too. So far I've tweaked a lot of "special" melee weapons and made them actually special and buffed them to be viable to incentivize players to collect and keep multiple swords, but I had this thought that there could be a crafting quest to gather these special weapons and enhance and/or combine them further. One of the problems I have with spicing up melee is that because of when the player gets certain items in the game, that item has to be sorta balanced around the part of the game they're playing in. Currently a lot of things are already underpowered by the time you get them, or become obsolete quickly, but if you balance around how you want weapons to perform at endgame and buff them enough to do that, the earlier game weapons become hilariously OP for the part of the game you find them and you wind up with the opposite problem as you started with. By having upgradeable weapons gated by quests and items you need to acquire that can be timed around specific parts of the game, you eliminate that balance issue since you can just have the items scale in power to your enemies and achievements instead of just being stuck at the level they were discovered. I was thinking that a couple designated artifact weapons could be the main focus of the mod and then the other lesser weapons you collect can be fused into your primary greater weapon. You don't compete with the regular artifacts for ingredients because the ingredients for the artifact weapons are existing weapons and it incentives you to go kill bosses and loot stuff and gives you something to do with those unique drops besides selling them like common vendor trash the way you usually would. The main scripting obstacles I see are actually with scripting the new upgraded weapons because there's properties I'd like to give to them that I don't know are actually possible. Like an attack doing multiple status effects and multiple damage types.
  20. On the subject of Clawbugs, in Gf5 the plated Clawbug that the player makes and the rogue one are separate creatures in the scripts (unlike some of the upgrade creations) and I buffed the players version immensely, called it an "Assault Clawbug" Balance wise, despite the significant buffs it doesn't feel OP and it gets outclassed by the time you make it into the storm plains. It can hold its own ok against glaaks and Alphas/betas but past that they start to get squishy despite being tough little bugs. I gave them back the poison sting, one extra AP on top of the existing bonus (for a total of 3), gave them natural armor, buffed resistances, especially physical, parry, quick action, dexterity and strength bonus stats. recolored them grey. That sounds like a lot but weirdly it doesn't play crazy. what they do make is a very solid creation for the Mera chapter and the beginning of the storm plains. It won't trivialize the enemies but it makes them easier than they would be with regular t2 creations or upgraded t1. I can post my modded scripts with the balance tweaks I've done if anyone wants them. I didn't add content to the game but I like to think I improved upon the existing stuff that I modified. They're not quite finished but the meat and potatoes are in there. Once I finish my current playthrough of the game and make the changes I want as I go it'll be mostly finished but probably I'll tweak the numbers further after I do another play through the game starting with all my mods already in place to see how it feels and refine the balance. Vampiric Regeneration seems weak because none of the items that have it have very much of it and the blessing crystal effect doesn't add much of it either. Try giving an item more of the stat and see how much more of an effect it has than it did before. I think you get back in health the same amount as the stat on the item is, it's not a percentage of the damage you deal. I buffed the existing "thirsting items" and especially the "Thirsting Knife" and it's not super useful where I am in the game now because I'm not taking that much damage and so I haven't had a chance to see whether it could save my ass in a tight spot or not but it's less trivial feeling. The stats for the batons need tweaking but it's a cool concept and great that you've gotten as far as you have in implementing it already. giving them status effects otherwise unobtainable to the PC's attack is a good idea to make them special though. I actually gave reapers the searing lightning status effect anyway though because it seemed appropriate.
  21. For my infinite ammo ranged weapon I avoided anything that did super high damage, went for those monster only abilities that do mild damage plus a status effect, like a daze ray. that way they scaled with ...melee weapons I guess? damage and power wise but still wouldn't get over the top with the damage and make warriors/guardians better casters than shapers and agents. I believe I also fiddled with how swords scale both in the abilities scripts and the item scripts much the same way you did. Thorns batons too, though they didn't need as much tweaking. I also beefed up the buffs on some of the armor that helped melee warriors to give them an extra boost. I think for Warriors/Guardians their power scales with gear more than with caster classes who scale primarily with skill points and aren't held back by trying to get better swords. Of course the trade off is that they're squishy as hell. I might go in and add innate bonus stats to certain classes like someone had suggested.
  22. I found a much easier way to buff melee characters. Go into the scripts (gf5itemschars) and buff the actual existing weapons. You can even go into the objmisc file and create new abilities to assign to the weapons. I replaced many of the existing weapons that were inferior by the time you got them with new cooler ones that actually had neat effects. I mostly took advantage of the existing "effect-touch" abilities and gave them out to various weapons to make them useful. For the burning blade I made a new ability that actually did fire damage that was a melee ability and put the energy dot effect from lightning aura on foes. Each of the elemental blades I made actually do their corresponding damage type. I think the puresteel soul blade got something that did magic damage and put the energy dot on foes. Guardian claymore got stunning, the original stun blade sword got buffed to be like a steel longsword. some melee weapons I replaced with ones that did ranged attacks so they were like an infinite wand sort of. I made one that did the daze ray I remember, called it the "confounding rod"
  23. oh, btw if I wanted to tweak this so it was open to all classes and not just Shapers/Lifecrafters, how would I do that?
  24. If the equipment editor could perhaps hand out a full set of the basic tiers of equipment (chitin-iron-steel-shaped-perfected-puresteel) and then also either all the artifacts (each one listed separately) and/or artifact ingredients. wands. Assorted special robes. The elemental swords. Item enhancement crystals. throwing crystals. Pods&Spores, I think that'd be sufficient.
  25. I must have typed that post as you were typing your second one because you hadn't posted that one yet, regardless I stand corrected.
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