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Personality tests.


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If your issue with the MBTI is that it isn't accurate, then maybe it would be better to avoid personality tests in general.

Not necessarily. Take the same test twice and you might get horrendously different types. The inaccuracy is mostly because it is assumed people have one type for life. Nit that i mind that preset but it doesn't really correspond with the results. Besides it analyses people based on 4 characterics giving you the possibility of any combination. It is a good, but limited in a way. Say that what im looking for is something to compliment that. I suppose my last issue with mbti is the relative fame and understanding of the test and types. In general depending on the person quite a few would want to be either intj or infj because those are assumed the "better" types. That kind of bias makes a number of people to unconsciously or not try to get those, thus adultering the results. Maybe not significantly but its there.

Unless you mean that no personality test is accurate. Then i agree, very true. But avoiding them in general won't give me answers while im confident that by crossing all "good" tests i might have a clear view on stuff. I'll probably grow out of it soon. But for the while i'd prefer doing other than waiting.

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The color personality test at colorquiz.com is short and pretty fun. My results seemed pretty accurate.


Also, I totally made a Pottermore account just to see which house I'd "officially" be put into, which I guess was accurate. I liked that one because the questions they give you aren't totally obvious as to which house you're leaning towards, thus preventing your inner 11-year-old self from picking Gryffindor every time.

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No point in me taking the Pottermore quiz, because I already know what house I would be sorted into: Ravenclaw. Though this would be due to process of elimination more than anything else. I'm not brave enough to be Gryffindor, I'm not ambitious enough to be Slitherin, and I'm terrible at finding things.

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I've done the 5 factor thing it was pretty accurate. It also called me extremely unfriendly and started this whole ramble. But at the same time i'll have to agree that it was relatively boring and predictable. But really really accurate. For instance it has small factors like you can be friendly but uncooperative. You can be self conscious but not vulnerable. You can be excitement seeking but score really low on other extraversion characteristics such as activity. That sets it apart from other tests.


I did the colour quizz years back it was fun. And accurate. And weird and i don't understand it xD

Im taking it again. Almost like magic


Oh no pottermore for me. That site is chaos. I never even managed to successfully create an account(jk, i did that. But couldn't figure out the point to it.)

Also like dintiradan i know by elimination i'd be on Hufflepuff. Im an underachiever and that sorta eliminates me from the rest.

There is a new quizz on whats your patronus but it sadly requires an account too.


Edit: Done with the colourtest. Its witchcraft

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Don't look to far inside yourself though. Use the tests and do the soul searching the conventional way. Don't do it yourself until your a little older. I know it sounds wrong but your not alone in the world and other people determine normalcy, do it yourself may lead to a drug habit, or a mental institution. Your playing these games so your the adventurous type and probably more open and curious than others, which is dangerous. Also a part time job may help you find out what your good at and how you are around people ect. The unemployment center in the US has a good aptitude test.

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