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Triple Slartifer, Part 9

ex post slarto

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378. Characters not permitted -- Make PDNs great again.

So, President Trump said he'd ban Muslims from entering the US when he ascends to the throne. His campaign message/slogan is 'Make America Great Again'. This pairing plays on those - plus, if you try to have characters in your PDNs it tells you that certain characters aren't permitted. So, it's also saying that by including Characters/Muslim people, PDNs/America will be great again.


So that means:


398. Long Cons and Massive Clocks -- A reference to long departed cartoonists

Didn't Phil Foglio's art include a character struggling with a massive clock? And he no longer draws pictures for Jeffy-Weffy? I honestly don't know on this one. :p

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378 - YES +4



398 - YES +1

I suppose if you don't get this one, no one will. This is a reference to Emperor Tullegolar and Archmage Alex, respectively, two long-departed cartoonists from the boards here. (Somehow I remember you as being involved in the "massive clock" conversation, Nikki, but maybe not.)



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Whoops. Bit of a delay here, huh.


Rules Change: Since Triumph won the original set of Triple Slartifers, I'm just going to declare him ineligible to win again (in the manner of a hierophant druid). That means no weird math to make things competitive. Triumph is still welcome to see how high he can push his score, the winner will just be chosen out of everyone else. I think that's fair.



Lilith +8

Edgwyn +4

Owen +4



Triumph -4




Triumph 90

Lilith 29

Owen 26

Edgwyn 17

Dikiyoba 15

Nalyd 12

Dintiradan 6

Nikki 5

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