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Share your memories: Your favorite moments from the Geneforge Saga.


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Hello there, White 'ere!

I'm a long time fan of spiderwebsoftware (eversince I saw the first geneforge on real one arcade, shortly before the GF:2 release)

As you can tell from the topic, this is a nostalgia post;

Your favorite moments

Awesome Glitches




Anything that floats your boat!

I'll always remember the moment, in GF1 when I was carrying so much loot, I broke the encumberance system...

Instead of having reduced AP, I had around 31, but with such a huge penalty to accuracy I couldn't hit anything!


Another of my favorite moments was in teh endgame, (playing a shaper, after using the geneforge), going to Kazg, equiping a stick and...

Well let's just say there are no more rebels in Kazg.

So! what are your favorite moments in the geneforge series!

And no, they don't have to be good one's

Speak up, Pass it around,

Take one down,

99 Canisters on the wall!

Post Script


just remembered another thing, from ye olde days o' geneforge

An XP farm made, from my own slaves.

Having them attack one another

Since I had run out of things my lvl to slay.

I did this in a town called pentil, In which an immortal servile lay.

The gemstones I gathered, increased by the day.

As the blood stains in the gutters, drained away.


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Many good times in those games (GF4 and halfway GF5) that I've played. What springs to mind is the following:

GF4, being called a freak for having been changed in order to throw a small bolt of fire and able to shape Fyoras and a couple more things by someone who:

Is kept alive by essence alone as he is nailed to the floor by large crystals and supporting machinery and draws out the lives of captives to feed his power. Yes, that guy called me a freak because I had touched the geneforge and 3-4 cannisters.

Also, he told me that I'm an abomination that shouldn't be allowed to exist because of my illegally and unethically way to gain power. That from the guy that turns sucks the life out of people, including his own faction when they came to bring him to sanity in order to gain more power.




Another memorable scene was when, in GF5, I discovered who was the leader of the Trakovites! (I won't say it because it's a spoiler)





And another one, kinda sad one, was in GF4 when I decided to absorb my trusty drayk, that we have been together through a lot, good and bad... because I could now make Drakons and needed to free up the essence.

Also, unlike other creations in my employ (wingbolt, Kashyyk) Drayks I've met were always sentient with a strong personality. So, I had to kill a trusty companion just because it was convenient.

And I did.

I felt so... shaper at that time.

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I like the flow of the story across the entire saga rather than any specific part. None of the other Spiderweb games have that same feel to me. I've yet to finish the entire saga but I'm working my way through them slowly and savouring every moment.

Ah...yeah That's something I enjoyed as well, geneforge has a coherant feel to it that the avernum series lacks, much more like going on an adventure, meeting new people, and actions that you not only see the consequences for upfront, but later down the road aswell.

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Those times when I played Geneforge 3 as a kid.


I dunno. I got the theme song stuck in my head a lot. I remember playing the trial version over and over again after school ended and I'd done some of my homework. I remember relishing the companion banter and the feeling of having figured out how to navigate some of the harder areas on Harmony Isle.


But yeah -- I've gotta agree about the flow -- I also loved the feel of the series. It was new to me and pretty different from any other games that I'd played then (and have played since then).

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