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Had to get this off my chest and this probably isn't that interesting post, but I as myself am looking really forward to getting AV2 Crystal souls once it releases soon.


I have played every classic avernum series, including blades of avernum. Also, I tried Geneforge out, but didn't really like it, though if I used up time for it I probably would.


I have had some mild depression all my life, its probably seasonal no worries, and Jeff's RPGs have helped out a lot as many of you know!


So just, thanks Jeff and rest of Spiderweb!

Sorry on mobile formatting is hard.


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I have also been a great Spiderweb fan throughout the years, since Exile III first gripped my attention via an "Encyclopedia of Games" shareware compilation. Though I've been visiting this forum only sporadically. Mostly around the time of game releases. I initially created this account to make a novelty "what-if" plot during the speculation for Avadon 2. I seem to have lost the details of my previous "real login" so I just started using this one.


In the spirit of all my excitement I had about Avadon 2, and now being satisfied with my purchase of Crystal Souls, I would like to offer to give Avadon 2 to one or two board members who may still need it. I bought the game when it launched, and then I wound up with two spare, valid steam redemptions because I tend to buy and support indie bundles and that kind of thing. (I actually wound up with four spares, but I gave one to a friend, and one to a contest winner already). Just send a PM or tag me in a reply so I don't lose track of it.

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I just wanna say that ANY rpg or game you really like and are good at can be seen as great for stress/depression. I play some games more than others and that is because they are good at coping and stuff.


When I want to get destressed from Jeff's games, I will play Geneforge 1 or Avadon 1. When I want to get stressed with Jeff's games usually Avadon 2 right before the endgame city stuff, heh. At that point my depression will form into greater (er worser) things and tentacles will grow as well.

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