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tower of magi


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There have been several Tower of Magi utility scenarios made for BoE, but none is an exact replica of the one from Exile 3. See this page for a list of the attempts.


Unfortunately, download locations aren't linked from there. The Tower of Magi Starter Kit is available at Alexandria , and I think some others are available at SW's utilities page.

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Yes, I indeed made a ToM that is an almost-replica of the one from E3. It doesn't have pre-made dialogue, but the layout is almost exactly like it. As far as I know, no one else looked at it.


There's now five ToM's available now. There's TM's tower, exactly like E1's ToM, there's *I's tower, a two level tower that I kinda like, there's Skyle's tower, SOMEWHAT like E3's ToM, and SM Adventurer's tower, that I can legitimately say is the worst ToM of all time.


For the most part, everyone has it on their site, though *I has his at Skyle's page (and at Spiderweb), and I have mine at Gizmo's site, like she said.


There's a link at the bottom of this post to a review thread of my tower. No one yet reviewed it though....

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