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  1. Same here i really don't like the isometric movement of avernum i would prefer exile any day.
  2. what items can you forge together
  3. i just realised it is because i haven't made the entire sheet facing left and right attacking left and right sorry my mistake
  4. after going in to battle mode in a town then switching back to normal the monster with a custom graphic changed in to a different custom graphic anyone know what's wrong.
  5. you get the flaming sword in the place where there are all the goblins and a arena with some undead things and to the left of the level is the school mascoct but the sword is up in the top left corner you get it by breaking a wall and there is a special dot about a skeleton chopping it's self up
  6. did any one notice the yet part i am going to get it but at the moment i'm just saving up for it 'cos i'm going to get e3 registered as well so i'm just getting the money together
  7. I just want to check i'm doing stuff right it's only part of the first town and there's only one person who speaks it's got custom graphics if you want to test it post here with your email i don't have the registered version yet so i can't test it
  8. to make a decent town takes nearly a day
  9. Kaos

    preset team

    thing person wants
  10. Kaos

    preset team

    no he's not he's got a space in the last url bit
  11. Kaos

    preset team

    so can you add a character half way through the game like make the story so you meet someone then hey join your party
  12. how to you mke it so you can have a preset team to start the scenario with and can you add characters part way through the scenario
  13. when i make a custom item and put it in a scenario it appear between the squares but is in one piece
  14. when i use a custom item graphic it goes a bit in to the next square what's wrong
  15. pretty i would download this if i liked the boa editor. but i don't sooooo...
  16. celts because of the magic and everyone loves a spiky blue haired, sword wielding lunatic.
  17. blades of geneforge should come before geneforge 4 because exile games 1,2,3, blades and that is the same avernum.
  18. whats the authors email.
  19. Whats the password for Assult on valorim.
  20. do you mean assault on valorim.
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