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New to blades of exile but not the exile trilogy. So having completed the in built scenarios i downloaded the much acclaimed 'An Apology'. Alas i am very confused. I understand that you start off playing out a dream sequence but i cant destroy the runes or even get there in time. Also i dont understand the HP doubling system whatever that is. And last but not least; my favourite exile game was exile 3- i like the outdoor treks and exploration and interspersed dungeon battles; any good similar scenarios?

Thanks! Sy

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An Apology is actually the sixth scenario in a series.


01 - On A Ship To Algiers

02 - Of Good And Evil

03 - Heirs To Theseus

04 - Staff of Kayolith

05 - Redemption

06 - An Apology

07 - Lamentations

08 - Falling Stars

09 - Signs And Portents

10 - Tomorrow


I believe that's the order it goes in. I don't know how related they are or if they stand alone, having only played the first two.

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The first five stand alone pretty well. After that, each one depends increasingly on the ones before.


As for the rune battle, I recommend blessing and hasting your fighters, and backing them up with Wound spells. Throw everything you've got at one rune- once you kill one of them, you win the fight. It may take a couple of tries, but with luck, you'll get it. As for getting there in time, just don't waste time and you should be okay. If you find yourself short on time, you can save a few moves by moving in combat mode instead of town mode.

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