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A1 - Grah-Hoth's Treasure Chests

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I am aware there is already a thread on this topic (http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/2875-grah-hoths-treasure-in-a1/page__hl__grah-hoth) but it's 9 years old so I decided to re-post the question! (hope that's the right choice in this situation)


Does anyone know of any way to loot Grah-Hoth's 4 chests or are they simply instant-death goodness?


A related question: Is there any way to get back to the area where you fought Grah-Hoth? It seems like the original passage closes off and that seems to be the only way to get there...

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In Exile 1 you get burned to a crisp by those chests, so in A1 they will probably be bad news.


Avernum 1 Template is meant to act as a ready-made basis for a scenario based in the world of Avernum 1. Scenario designers won't need to spend hours designing proforma towns meant for basically utility purposes. It is not a port of the A1 game to the BoA world. It does not recreate the A1 game's mechanics, especially in the area of traps. See:


(There are also Templates for A2, A3 and Nethergate: Resurrection.)

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