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bugged item drops \ pick ups


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i was recently overcome by an urge for some oldschool rpg'ing. as a long time avernum fan i decided it's time to pick up avadon.

up to a point everything went great.

and then the drop \ pick up mechanics started acting up.


at first i noticed the junk bag was filled with fake daggers titled as unused. as i failed to find a fix and didn't have a recent enough save to rollback to that didn't have this problem,

i ploughed on and ignored it.


but now i find myself completely unable to drop or pick up items anywhere in the avadon castle, main floor and dungeons included.


if there is a known fix, i'd greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in its direction. otherwise, i'm open to advice.

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That's... odd. Something got corrupted in either the source files or your save file. To check this better, what system are you playing on? (Mac/PC/iPad/etc.?)


My first guess is that the save file is corrupted in some way. If you start a new game, do you have the same problem? If not, you may just need to restart.


If so, then you may need to reinstall the game. You can back up the save file, reinstall, and see if that fixes it. (Backing up the save file looks a little different on Mac/PC/iPad/etc.)


If neither of those works, then you probably need to reinstall and restart.

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yay my own unique bug.


seems like it was a corrupt save. and since i save often and don't backup older save files i lost a good 20 hours of progression.

i suppose that on this attempt i will backup my saves.

oh well, with knowing what to do up to a point, cheat codes and easy mode combined it should take well under 20 hours to get back to where i was.


thanks for the replies.

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Not a unique problem, unfortunately. I encountered the bug where the junk bag fills up with daggers that identify as "unused". I reinstalled the game and went back to an earlier save where I did not have the junk bag issue, and after playing a while, got the daggers back again. When this happened, it was impossible to drop the daggers (msg saying there was no room to drop), and all containers yielded zero loot, even those that required lockpicks to open. I next deleted the saves file, reinstalled again, and started a new game from scratch. I got the junk bag daggers problem a third time, but loaded a slightly earlier quicksave and have been able to continue from there so far (about level 5 party about to do the Dragon/Wraith Lair quest). I am worried that this bug will come back to haunt me again after I have many hours invested in the game, but I love the game and really want to be able to play it. I am really surprised since I have played a number of SW games and never had any technical issues at all...

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There is a simple fix to this. Locate the save date for the game you are having this issue with. Open the item file in notepad. For the most part it will be blank. Scroll around and locate odd groupings of letters, symbols, etc. Erase these save notepad. Bug fixed. Can not confirm if this causes loss of items junk bag. Not sure if i had anything in it.

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