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Nethergate: Resurrection Let's Play!

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My Roman party was able to complete the Halls of the Dead easily enough. There is probably a flaw in your party's design or tactics.


You missed a few areas in the Valleys of Annwn, you may need a list of the teleporters:



Town 22: Valleys of Annwn


A: Annwn Spirit Homes

B: Battlefield

C: Halls of the Dead



Town 23: Annwn Battlefield


A: Near the entrance to Annwn

B: Valleys, Drake fight

C: Spirit Homes


Town 24: Annwn Spirit Homes


A: Battlefield

B: Halls of the Dead (via Valleys C)

C: Valleys


Town 25: Halls of the Dead

A: Valleys, (Portal in NW, near Bel's judgement throne.)

B: Inaccessible NW part of the Valleys (West of Bel's Hall)

C: Near middle of the Battlefield (East of Bel's Hall)



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In the Maze of Thorns, the L-shaped secret room with the two Araneas was easy enough for my party.

Whenever you hit a problem like that, you need to do "fire and movement" with slings, javelins and spells. (Each PC advances toward the enemy until they have only 1 AP and then they cut loose with missiles and spells.)


Play as a Celt, you will see how much you are currently being ripped off, hassled and discriminated against. Especially in the area of magic.

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I figured I probably could do that one with the Aranea easily, but that still probably wouldn't have solved the "Magical Barrier" issue. At which point I just said "Screw it" and ignored it, imagining the loot probably wouldn't be THAT much an improvement.


Onwards we go into the Spire of Ages. There's no turning back now.




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On the first floor, in the southwest, a secret door gives you entry into the room you had no key to.

In O:N, the original Nethergate, there was an unlimited number of Piercing Crystals in one of the shops. N:R presumably has all the same magic barriers as O:N but in your travels you find only some of the Crystals you need.

(Celts can learn Break Barrier fairly early in the game.)

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Crystal Wands work like Slings, they are just the thing for fire and movement. When they are used they make the second floor a fun experience. When in melee your front rank guys can use the Wands or their usual melee weapons.

Crystal Wand skill is one of the "trained Combat Statistics", hence the skill will be increased by any item that increases said statistics.

Anything that gives you an even number for your Dexterity stat is handy too.

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Part one of the big two part finale of the Nethergate Let's Play! Uploaded early due to time restraints and because I like you guys.


Another area that I hate and is just really annoying. Will we ever get out? Will we die in here? Find out tomorrow morning when I upload the GRAND FINALE!!!!




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And at long last, we come to the end of Nethergate: Resurrection! And quite an... interesting ending it is.





I hope you guys enjoyed the LP. I know I enjoyed playing it for the most part. Come tomorrow though, I'll be starting a new one.... an old one. I hope you guys join me when I take a delving into the deep caverns...

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