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Although Jeff wrote his own dialog engine, he was not confident enough to re-implement text fields or scrollbars, using native controls for those.


Since I want to be cross-platform, I'd like to avoid using native controls.


Thus, I need graphics for the scrollbars. The ideal format would probably be four 16x16 tiles: the up-arrow button, the down-arrow button, the scrollbar background, and the draggable scrollbar thumb. Pressed versions of each would probably be nice too. We only need vertical scrollbars, so four tiles would be completely sufficient; and if we ever came to need horizontal scrollbars, we could just rotate the tiles for the vertical ones.


I'd like graphics that match the general style of the game while not obviously evoking any particular operating system style.


If I don't get graphics, I'll probably make a super-rudimentary black-and-white scrollbar using two triangles and a square, but I'd much prefer to have nice graphics.

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They could just look at the graphics in the github repository, but I suppose it might help to see everything put together. Here's a screenshot of the prefab part in Valley of the Dying Things:




You can probably see where the missing scrollbars should go in the bottom right and middle right sections.

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Yes to alpha; in fact, I've altered all those images which formerly used colour masking to use alpha instead.


Those scrollbars look quite nice! Perhaps they could use a bit more colour, and you could consider making separate "pressed" versions (though if you don't I can synthesize those fairly easily), but I definitely like the design.


About being one pixel too wide: I think the black border is supposed to be covered by the scrollbar. I'm not sure if that makes any difference since I haven't actually measured the space; I was going by the size assigned to the scrollbars in the code. That said, I doubt one pixel would make a difference, and 16 is a nice number. :p

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