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FS help needed

Lemon Demon

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I am really stuck on some parts of falling stars (and cant get to some places). I have some questions:


1. How do I get Diomed to join me? I know its possible. And if the town he's in is destroyed can I find him anywhere else?


2. Where's Krug? I'm guessing he's down the pit near the Ettin, but it kills me when I climb down there.


3. For no.2 I'm guessing I need Minoc Kodax or whatever its called. I can't find it though.


4. Where are the other artifacts? I've found the paleblade and the heartfinder but thats it.


5. Where is the hidden town called 'ambush!'? I've completed all of the missions in the command centre and soon Anthalons going to contact me.


6. in the lowest floor of the tower of Wizardry, how do I get past the barrier that leads to the stairs?


7. In a previous attempt, I was ordered to meet with a captain or champion inthe building next to the tower of Wizardry, the one with all the gates. I can't figure out how I got in there though.


8. I've seen somewhere something about a rakshasa named Pharijin, at least I think thats what he's called, and he helps you destroy the flayers. Is that part of this scenario or another?


9. Is it possible to get into the Talosian Embassy?


10. Is the building in Thebes thats going to "be the greatest construct to grace the world" ever be finished?






Added Qs 9+10.

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1) You have to complete the quest for the Crystal Sword. Speak to Nicias in Xancrest. Diomed's a good NPC, and you can't ever get him once the first town falls (around day 8), so don't waste any time getting him.


4) See #1. Also, you get a Runesword for rescuing Raven. It's probably the best artifact you can get, if you use it properly.


5) Wander around in the forest SE of Fort Contemplation. Make sure your reputation is high so you can get an NPC there.

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For questions 2, 3, and 8, talk to Jenkins in the operations center. He'll send you on a mission to gather some mushrooms. The Flayer lair is hidden under the level with the shrooms. You should find Pharijin pretty easily once you get down there, but Konax Minoc is fairly well hidden. Once you get it, Krug should show up when you take on the Ettin.

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You get Draykon Marke by taking one of the keys you find in the orc area to a door in the wizards bazaar, bring a lot of smoky crystals.

To get to your commander in the near the tower of wizardry, ask the official about business.


As far as I know you cannot get into the talosian embassy nor does the grand structure of thebes ever finish

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