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Non Player Character effects

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Ok...I've been beavering away. I visited the dragon in re scale for curse removal & of necessity used an add on Goblin character. Will I need to use other such add on characters from time to time & if I do will it require dismissal of whatever add on non player character I have in the party? Does having a NPC in the party decrease the amount of credit the real characters in my party get?

Just curious

::adjusts ugly football helmet chin strap & sallies back into the fray::


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NPCs are only for a specific dungeon and will leave when you exit the dungeon if not sooner. Some will need to be kept alive in order to get through the place.


There are only a few and help with the story line. Mostly by opening hidden doors or need to be rescued.


They shouldn't affect experience since they are for limited use.

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All NPCs take experience, if I remember right; I'm not positive. Fifth-slot characters stay with you permanently and act entirely like your first four original characters. Sixth slot characters are temporary. Even if they can gain levels or skill points it's not very necessary. But you have them largely because you need them for something, and only for a short time.


—Alorael, who has special memories of Hathwisa and her ability to make her own rescue more difficult.

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